Joe Kerry expressed admiration for Ryan Reynolds after working with him on “Free Guy.”

Joe Kerry expressed admiration for Ryan Reynolds

American Actor Joe Kerry expressed his admiration for the 44-year-old Ryan Reynolds as the two worked together in Free Guy.

Joe Kerry, who served as Walter ‘Key’ McKeys in a sci-fi movie, said that the Deadpool actor made a very comfortable atmosphere on sets, and it was so easy to work with him.

“I was pretty blown away because he just makes it look really easy,” said Kerry in an interview.

Joe, who also appeared on Stranger Things, said that he paid heed to Ryan on set and keenly noticed how he behaved in front and off the camera. He stated that what Ryan is doing isn’t easy, it’s difficult, and there is no one like him who can handle things his way. He also expressed great appreciation for Ryan, saying that all that he had done up till now has given me a great appreciation for him.

As Kerry expressed, Ryan was the lead actor, and he was aware that people would be nervous about meeting him, so he provided a very calm and peaceful atmosphere on set; he is really disarming and is able to put you at great ease.

Free Guy is also starring Jodie Comer, and Kerry said that their relationship evolved in between the filming process, and they grew close. He also said that she is a great actress and, more than that, a great person. It’s easy to work and collaborate with Jodie.

Taika Waititi taught Joe to be fearless and daunting while filming a scene, and he did pick up his advice as he said that being nervous on a set limits your performance. Joe said that Taika is a confident and fearless person and is ready to take risks.

Joe Kerry was thankful for all these co-stars and their help him in his first big gig.

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