Upon seeing Jill Biden wearing patterned tights, Twitter went insane.

jill Biden

Last week, when Jill Biden deplaned at Andrews Air Force Base, she wore a pair of tights that have suddenly caught the eye of the Twitters. She’s wearing some patterned tights in the photos that have gotten some positive attention.

However, since it’s Twitter, the tights have caused a lot of controversies. Some Twitter users compared them to the time Barack Obama wore a tan suit and was accused of not taking his role seriously.

Even though these boots are on your feet, let’s take time to appreciate this look:


Michelle Obama has also been known to wear patterned tights. Here is her at the Building a Healthier Future summit:

Per NBC. As a joke, Biden dressed up as a flight attendant on her flight back from California last week.

While she handed out the ice cream, she wore a short, black wig and her name tag read, “Jasmine.” She managed to fool some members of the media and even some of her staff.


The FLOTUS might have taken a few notes from Barbara Bush, who reportedly played an April Fools joke in 1989. According to UPI, she attended an annual white tie gridiron dinner in a strawberry blonde wig.

At that time, Bush’s press secretary, Anna Perez, said that the first lady was “poking fun at all the attention paid to her looks.”

It’s hard to believe Twitter did not exist then.

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