Who is Jayr Tinaco? Boy, Girl or Transgender?

Jayr Tinaco

Jayr Tinaco was born in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, on January 4, 1991, under the emblem of Capricorn. He’s a 30-year-old actor, perhaps best known for Zayn Petrossian’s role in the “Another Life” Netflix sci-fi drama series.

Is he Transgender?

JayR is generally believed to be transgender since he is a guy who seems to be keen on dressing up and putting on his makeup as a girl. In one of his interviews, he said that he describes himself as non-binary and uses the pronouns ‘he’ and ‘they.’ He has not spoken about whether males or females are drawn to him. However, those who are non-binary are typically attracted to both sexes. It is generally accepted that he is bisexual, as JayR is a member of the LGBT community.

Jayr Tinaco Transgender

On several occasions, he has been seen with women, and some of his fans have said that he was too close to one of his closest female friends, while others have claimed that he often spends time with men and seems to be close to them well. JayR appears to be single as of today.



Since his early life and family history have not been disclosed by Jayr, there is also not much knowledge about his schooling. It is said that JAYR TINACO finished his early education at the Australian Institute of Performing Arts. He is assumed to be a graduate as well, but his college’s name is not identified.


Jayr Tinaco is, by trade, an actress. He had a long way to go to get to where he is now. He worked as a bartender and gained his livelihood before beginning his career in the film industry. In 2009, by bagging a job in the hospitality industry, he got one step closer to his hopes of being an actor. The Australian series ‘Home and Away’ saw his first appearance on the silver screen. He carried out the role of a trapped student in this. The TV series did not give him much success, but he certainly got the much-needed attention.

He starred in several short films in the next few years, including ‘The Wake by Leigh Joel Scott’ and ‘The Life Again.’ Soon, he realized that he would not make it big in his home country, so he moved to Canada in 2017 to give his acting career a drive. Jayr played a part in the successful TV series ‘Another Life’ the following year, which became a breakthrough. He appeared in a few other films afterward.


He’s only 31 years old right now, so the best part of his career is sure to come. As for honors, so far, the dashing star has not received any substantial awards. Nevertheless, for his acting, he has garnered tremendous accolades and recognition.

Private life

One such individual who keeps his personal life under wraps is Jayr Tinaco. He never really spoke about his love life, even after becoming a famous actor. He never had any ties or alleged partnerships either. He’s got to be dating someone, but we have yet to know the person’s name. The talented actor is thought to be transgender, talking about his identity. Never did the actor himself admit this. Its body language, dressing sense, looks, and makeup style are just an individuals’ assumption.


JayR is very good at making drinks, as he has spent some time working as a bartender, and he loves partying with his friends and drinking. The famous actor loves traveling and has visited many European countries, such as Norway and England, while he has been to the United States for both work and pleasure. He likes road trips, and because he loves swimming in the ocean and playing beach volleyball, his favorite season is summer.


Facts about Jayr Tinaco

  • Jayr Tinaco is a famous figure on Instagram. He uploads his pictures daily and keeps his fans amused.
  • The star, known for his lean and toned body, is 5 feet 8 inches tall.
  • He often makes the headlines for his sense of dress and styles of fashion.
  • He is sometimes misunderstood as a transgender person.
  • Tom Cruise is his favorite actor, and Angelina Jolie is an actress.
  • He’s not successful on any other social network other than Instagram.
  • He’s fond of traveling. Currently, it is his hobby, and Miami is his favorite destination.
  • Chinese is his favorite meal.

Jayr Tinaco Net worth

The net worth of Jayr Tinaco is 300,000 Dollars approx.

The role of Australian actor JayR Tinaco in ‘Another Life’ helped them come out as non-binary.

For Australian actor Jayr Tinaco, the culmination of a long journey towards developing a career as an actor was to land a lead role alongside Selma Blair in the new Netflix series Another Life. They reveal to SBS Pride, discover themselves.

“Another Life” is around the story of an astronaut and space crew on a mission to investigate the origins of an alien artifact found on Earth – facing a variety of inexplicable horrors along the way. A thrilling tribute to the sci-fi genre.


Tinaco was no stranger to the danger of inexplicable horrors, having spent years working in Sydney’s hospitality industry (full disclosure, this writer bar-tended alongside Tinaco for several years). With small roles under their belt in Always Be My Maybe and the Australian series Rake, the 30-year-old moved back in early 2017 to Canada to follow their acting dreams.

However, the process of securing their breakthrough position in the sci-fi series ended up being quicker than anticipated after a range of drawn-out auditions, close calls, and knock-backs.

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