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Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie Lee Curtis is an American author, actress, and social activist. She is not just some old school activist; she has her own blog from where she keeps society filled up with her latest work.

Jamie is a 62 years young actress that grew up in Santa Monica. She is been married to Christopher Guest.

Early life

Family background wise, Jamie’s genes go way back to different ancestries. It’s quite complicated, so I’ll try to ease it up for you. Basically, Jamie’s maternal great grandparents were Danish while the rest of that generation was German and Scot-Irish. On the other hand, Jamie’s father is was a Jewish Hungarian Immigrant.


Jamie’s father left him and her mother when Jamie was just 2 years old. Her Mother; Janet Leigh, was a world-known actress, Singer, and dancer.

Starting her career in Silver screen:

Jamie attended junior school in Los Angeles and graduated from high school there. Then she decided to choose the law to major in but she had to drop out because she gained interest in perusing a career in the Blue screen.

She is one of the few actresses that started their career by appearing on the cinema screens and then moved forward to TV shows.


Jamie started her career by appearing in a Horror movie called Halloween, the audience finds it quite, Ironic judging by what she said about horror films. We will find out that at some point down the article.

Her second film was also a Horror film called The Fog that was directed by Sir John Carpenter (Director of Halloween). Seems like he was quite impressed by her performance, well I won’t disagree with him. You should have seen Jamie Lee on her first debut.

Her third film was a Canadian slasher film. It was kind of a low budget but Jamie’s performance earned her a Genie Award nomination that was stated for the best foreign actress.


Even though her Canadian film and The Terror train were a hit, they still received tons of negative reviews. That’s the reason they didn’t go well on her profile.

After those negative reviews, she continued to work on the Halloween series.

She came out of her horror shell when she starred in trading places in 1983. That role got her BAFTA Award for best actress in supporting role.


She gave a lot to the film industry and being more specific to the horror genre. Jamie still plans to appear on some horror sequel films; Halloween kills and a sci-fi film everything is everywhere.

Jumping to the blue screen:

She popped up on the blue screens aka TV shows in 1977 when she played a role in her first drama Quincy, M.E.

After that, she quite well knew actress she obviously she was invited as a guest star on different TV Shows. That included Charlie’s Angels; it was America’s most popular crime drama that used to air on ABC


After that, she worked on tons of TV Shows but the one named Freaky Friday’s and its remake, which Curtis demanded the change of storyline but that didn’t happen.

Celebrating 36 wonderful years:

Curtis is been married to her husband for 36 long years and it’s been a quite magical journey for them and us. On their 36th anniversary, Curtis decided to share a photo of their wedding.

In this beautiful journey, Curtis and her husband Christopher Guest adopted two children.


Their first sight experience was quite a movie like if you see When Curtis saw Christopher for the first time in the movie poster this is Spinal tap, she told her friend Debra that this is the guy that she’ll marry and hardly five months later. She was Christopher’s wife.  And yes you guessed it right, Christopher was also an actor.

Major accomplishments:

As an Author:

  • Well besides acting she runs a successful career as an author and an activist. Let’s focus on the author part of her now. She has written tons of books for little children by working with an Illustrator named Laura Cornell. Some of these books include:
  • Tell me again about the night I was Born
  • Today I feel silly and other moods that make my day.


Yupp, when we look at her, the thought of her being an inventor of something never crosses our mind right? Well just like this she is full of surprises. Jaime Lee Curtis invented a modification of a diaper that includes pocket wipes for easy disposal and one-hand action.


Yes, while a hand in hand actor and author she is also a blogger. Jamie blogs for The Huffington Post. It is an online Newspaper. She tends to sow the young readers about her being an actor, a photographer, and a closet organizer.


Jamie’s views about Horror films:

By performing in horror movies, James’s works is been a nightmare to many of us but it’s funny how the actress confessed that she is actually quite sensitive about this matter.

According to Jamie’s interview with a magazine, she confessed that hates horror movies even though she has made quite a living by performing in those. She further added that she sleeps like a baby at night but if she even watched a glimpse of a horror show then that will change everything. Well, we agree on that. The horror starlet is herself afraid of her.

My hand in yours:

Jamie Lee Curtis is also an activist that uses her platform to direct the spotlight towards the major social issues that we usually do not see. For example human trafficking.


Her Instagram account is probably full of events like that. Millions of people watch him every day and use their influence to eradicate this kind of behavior from society.

Her organization that is called My hand in Yours, it offers objects of comfort to those who were or are in a hard time during their life.

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