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Have you ever walked into the film industry and been inspired and feel like a different person? If you are an entrepreneur or ready to become an entrepreneur, you must watch these memorable movies to understand what I mean.

Pirates of Silicon Valley (1999):-

“Good artists copy, great artists steal.” — Steve Jobs.

This is a classic movie that shows the beginnings of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates when they established a technological empire in the 1980s. It highlights their competition, trials and victories, and the way the founders of technology operate. You will see how 20-year-olds can take over big companies like IBM and learn to believe in dreams and follow dreams’ value.

Pirates of Silicon Valley

It doesn’t matter whether someone copies your idea; the important thing is execution. No one can copy. When you first started, a little competition won’t hurt anyone. 


The Social Network (2010):-

“We lived on farms, then we lived in cities, and now we’re going to live on the internet!” — Sean Parker.

It shows the rapid rise of the world’s youngest billionaire and his Harvard dormitory startup Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg came up with a simple idea and turned it into one of the most profitable businesses to date.

The Social Network (2010)

You will see how he did it and the challenges he faced in the process, including the co-founder’s rift. Besides learning Zuckerberg’s experience, you will also enjoy some smart storytelling and excellent background knowledge.

Boiler Room (2000):-

“What do you mean, you’re gonna pass. Alan, the only people making money passing are NFL quarterbacks, and I don’t see a number on your back.” — Seth Davis

Every entrepreneur faces an ethical dilemma at some point in his career. The film is about a 19-year-old college dropout, Seth Davis, who faces terrible morale problems. Seth became one of the top brokers of the brokerage firm J.T. Marin, but the company’s situation seems doubtful.

Boiler Room (2000)

What will he do when facing the dilemma of money and greed and morality and legitimacy? What would you do? This movie will make you aware of the real struggle between right and wrong.

The Pursuit of Happyness (2006):-

“Don’t ever let someone tell you, you can’t do something. Not even me. You got a dream; you got to protect it. People can’t do something themselves; they want to tell you you can’t do it. You want something, go get it. Period. All right?” — Chris Gardner

This is the inspiring story of a struggling salesman Chris Gardner (Chris Gardner, Will Smith), who lost everything, including his wife, house, and money. Chris was not obsessed with self-pity and failure but cheered up, worked harder than the game, and smarter to improve himself and his son’s lives.

The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)

This is a powerful and inspirational movie based on true stories. It will bring you goosebumps and help you see the value of having the right attitude and strong professional ethics to pursue happiness and improve life.


Flash of Genius (2008):-

“Whatever happened to this little thing called justice we talked about?” – Bob Kearns

Any entrepreneur must watch this movie to understand the importance of protecting your ideas from theft. University professor Robert Kearns (Greg Kinnear) invented the windshield wiper, which all car giants adopted in the 1960s and became a standard device in all cars. However, the car manufacturer did not give Kearns credit to him.

Flash of Genius (2008)

It can be heartbreaking to watch Keynes compete with powerful companies for credibility, but it offers important lessons for all entrepreneurs.

The Wolf of Wall Street (2013):-

“I’ve got the guts to die. What I want to know is, have you got the guts to live?” — Jordan Belfort

This controversial movie may not have won an Oscar (playing Jordan Belfort), but it can certainly teach you valuable experience about success, fame, wealth, greed, and respect for the law. As Belfort said: The only relationship with the goal is nonsense, telling yourself why the goal cannot be achieved.

The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

However, with the realization of your dreams, money, power, fame, women and drugs will bring many temptations, which will endanger your success., Discipline and awareness are essential to maintaining your success.

Office Space (1999):-

“Let me ask you something. When you come in on Monday, and you’re not feeling really well, does anyone ever say to you, “Sounds like someone has a case of the Mondays?” — Peter Gibbons

This funny movie is suitable for those who hate 9 to 5 office work and desire to start a business. Peter Gibbons, who surrounds Peter Gibbons (Ron Livingston), finds how much he hates sitting in cubicles every workday and accepts the creepy boss Bill Order of Bill Lumbergh (Gary Cole).

Office Space (1999)

If there ever was a movie that would make you laugh, give you a new outlook on life, inspire you to get rid of nasty desk work, and inspire you to pursue a career you really like, then this is it!


Limitless (2011):-

“I had come this close to making an impact on the world. And now the only thing I was going to make an impact on was the sidewalk.” — Eddie Morra

This exciting movie about a struggling writer, Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper), will educate you something about taking shortcuts, rapid fixes, and the handy direction to success. Eddie is cheerful. He has no future as he is confronted with unemployment and his girlfriend’s rejection.


However, all adjustments when a historic buddy offers him a mysterious capsule that lets him get entry to one hundred percent of his intellectual abilities. Stoked on the untested drug, Eddie rises to the pinnacle of the financial world, but terrible side effects and a dwindling supply threatens to crumple his residence of cards. Quick and easy fixes aren’t so convenient after all, or are they?. 

Wall Street (1987):-

“The point is ladies and gentlemen that greed, for lack of a better word, is good.” — Gordon Gekko

It can be said that this is one of the best startup movies ever. Followed by Bud Fox (Charlie Sheen), an ambitious young stockbroker, under the guidance of a vague motto, he will do his best to succeed-“Greed is good.”

Wall Street (1987)

Help do things that are not only illegal but also morally condemned. This movie will teach you not to sell yourself for money. Becoming an entrepreneur is not just about being rich and famous.

The Godfather (1972):-

“Great men are not born great, they grow great. . .” — Mario Puzo

This is another strong contender for the most fantastic entrepreneurial cinema of all time. This follows the story of the godfather and his son Michael Corleone (Michael Corleone).

The Godfather

Although we do not recommend that you take the illegal route, this is a must-see for all entrepreneurs who want to understand the conditions required to reach the top, and more importantly, stay at the top. Some are omitted. Tell us in the comments below; will you still add movies that every entrepreneur must watch?

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