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How To Use Hair Paste: Your Modern, Go-To Guide To Hairstyling With Paste

How To Use Hair Paste: Your Modern, Go-To Guide To Hairstyling With Paste

How To Use Hair Paste

Quick question:

Have you been having trouble achieving awesomeness and lasting, well-held hairstyles with hair paste? 

And all you can do is a wonder; “what am I doing wrong?”.


Here’s the thing:

Much like any other hair styling product, there are many factors to consider when styling hair using paste. 

And you know what?

If you miss a thing, then you’re more than likely to do it wrong. 


In this “How To Use Hair Paste” guide, I’ll explain all those important factors to consider and the possible roadblocks to avoid.

For example:

Right here, you’ll understand:

  • The basics of using How to use hair paste on long or short hair
  • How to style with paste for wavy hair or curly hair.
  • And the biggest worries to styling hair with paste; plus, a few  and the easy – yet,  perfect – fixes.

Justis it what you’re looking for?

Then, let’s go:

The Step By Step Guide For Styling Long Hair With Paste

Fluffy, wispy, puffed up, stubborn, hard to control, and flat… and argh!

All kinds of hair issues, right? 

Styling Long Hair With Paste

Well, that’s what Sounds like anything about growing out your long hair feels like

And if you’re like me, you don’t want to apply multiple products alongside a paste to style and hold it down.


So, how do you work with just paste? (without cocktailing or layering).

First thing:

Choose the right hair styling paste brand. 

Generally, it should be a company that’s known to give the exact results they promised. 

Also, your hair texture is a critical deciding factor when shopping for hair paste to buy.

For instance: 

Matte pastes are ideal for those looking for a light hold, non-greasy outlook, with a little bit of texture and definition, with tamed flyouts. 


When dealing with long hair, you need to be careful not to choose the paste with the wrong hold or strength. Why? Well, high-hold pastes can make your hair look unnatural. 

They not only take away the natural, laid-back look of long hair but can also cause unnecessary stress and tension on your strands. 

And when that happens, hair loss and breakage will follow. 

hair loss and breakage

After that, do this:

Know whether to apply heat or not and whether to shampoo or not. By knowing your hair, you can decide this rightly. And that’s what makes the difference.


If you have a “Wednesday morning hair”, it’s easy to style without heating or shampooing. Just air-dry or towel-dry before styling. Besides, applying heat can cause hair damage, in this case.


A “Friday night hair” is tough and difficult to control. So you’d need to shampoo-wash and blowdry a tad for better control of it and for the paste to do its work. 

Would you rather not shampoo at all?

I suggest that you style with a flexible-rated paste. I recommend this one from AXE for maximum control, medium hold, and low shine.

Just keep the blow dryer further away from your hair when drying and don’t over-shampoo.

You’ve sorted all that out, right?



With that in mind…

Here’s how to use hair paste on long hair, whether fine or thick.

  1. Use shampoo or plain-wash with ordinary cool water to clean your hair (, depending on your hair texture).
  2. Partially dry the hair out; i.e.  but not completely (leave it a bit moist a bit).
  3. Take a pea-sized amount of the pasteproduct and at the tip of your finger.
  4. Rrub it between your palms; until it’s evenly spread out to completely fade.
  5. Run your fingers and palms thoroughly through the hair from the crown toward the sides and front.
  6. Make sure the strands and the root get a fair share of the paste without touching your scalp.
  7. Using a comb and your fingers, style hair the way you want and you’re done.

One thing though:

When applying paste before styling, avoid looking at the mirror so you don’t obsess too much about just the front hair. 

Instead, apply as if you were shampooing so the paste gets evenly distributed.

PAs a plus:

I recommend that you apply hairspray or sea salt spray on stubborn hair that will not hold, after styling. 

Don’t know how?

Well, the video below shows you how to hairspray your mane for added volume and longer hold.

Next up:

The Step-By-Step Guide For Styling Short Hair With Paste

So, now:

In addition to the tips above, here are some of the important things to know before styling short hair with paste.

First off, know this:

Note that the effectiveness of the paste depends largely on how wet or dry your hair is just before styling

So, it’s best to experiment with different wetness levels until you get the desired shine and hold.

Get it?


Word to the wise, Like I always say; go easy on products. 

It’s always smart to work your way up from the pea-sized amount and make gradual increases until you attain the results you’re looking for in picture below is the best.

pea sized amount of paste

Anyway Finally:

Whenever you accidentally add too much paste, don’t hesitate to rinse it out, redry, and start all over.

So, here’s how you can apply and style with paste on short hair we go:

  1. As usual, wash hair and dry your hair.
  2. ScoopTake a pea-sized amount of paste on a fingertip and rub it 
  3. Rub paste between your palms. until it disappears and your palms feel warm
  4. Now, work the hair from the root up the strands, to give it body and lift
  5. Apply another small-sized paste if you need to
  6. Scrub around the hair the way you’d apply a shampoo
  7. Style the way you want using the required hairstyling accessories, immediately
  8. Allow hair to rest for 10-15 minutes before touching, and that’s it.

You might as well watch this helpful video on how to use hair paste on short hair.

Moving on:

The Step By Step Guide For Styling Curly Hair With Paste

Always remember this:

It’s always best to leave curly hair to air-dry after styling with paste. And you know why? Blowdryers disrupt the natural curl of your hair and even mess up the texture at the end.

Now, listen:

If you’re working from straight to curly hair, you’ll need;

  • A curl/twist sponge
  • Denman brush (best thing for curly hair)
  • Scalp scrubber
  • Hair conditioner (optional)
  • Hair pick

But, please:

When choosing a curl/twist sponge, make sure it has the perfect hole size for the curls you’re gunning for. 

So, now, to the main thing:

  1. Apply shampoo and scrub through hair completely using a scalp scrubber.
  2. Wash out shampoo with clean water.
  3. (Optional); Take a pea-sized conditioner, rub between palms, and apply, drawing hair strands outward with it.
  4. (Optional); Brush hair outward using a Denman brush.
  5. (Optional); take hair, one strand at a time, in the Denman brush and rotate to form curls.
  6. (Optional); Wash out conditioner without disrupting the curls too much, then dry a little.
  7. Take a pea-size paste, rub between palms, apply rigorously, and hand scrunch hair so paste locks in.
  8. Push a hair-pick through the root and lift hair upward without letting the pick pass out through to the top of your hair. This gives your hair body to hold longer.
  9. With a twist/curl sponge, brush-drive hair in a circular motion, part by part.
  10. Leave the hair to sit for 10-15 minutes before touching.

Bonus tip:

Stick to the weekly curly hair routine in the video below to keep your curls lasting longer.

Moving on to…

The Step By Step Guide For Styling Wavy Hair With Paste

The tools you need first:

  • Wide-tooth comb or regular comb
  • Blowdryer
  • Hair clips
  • Pre-styler (optional for tough hair)

Now, straight to the guide:

  1. Wash hair with shampoo and rinse out.
  2. (Optional); Spray a reasonable amount of a pre-styler of your choice for easy styling.
  3. Comb the hair to the shape you want, using a wide-tooth comb for tough hair and a regular comb for soft hair.
  4. Apply a pea-size paste and scrunch through the hair.
  5. Take a pinch of the hair and create a loop with it.
  6. Hold the loop down with a hair clip. Do this for the entire hair, pinch by pinch.
  7. Blow-dry with your dryer set to medium.
  8. Leave the hair to settle for 10-15 minutes before touching.

One thing you should know:

No matter how much paste you use or how hard you style, paste-styled hair can’t stand the shower. So, you’ll need to restyle after that, especially for a swimmer or a gym person/athlete.

Next up:

6 Biggest Worries And Fixes When Styling Hair With Hair Paste

Welcome to the dark side (Quote; Darth Sidious):

Style with hair paste, they say. It will be fun, they say. But why are you getting fried every single time you do it? The thing is, you’re probably making one or more of these 6 mistakes.

Number 1…

You’re Using The Wrong Product

How do I mean?

Simple. A product is wrong if it’s not meant for the given style, your hair texture, the shine, or the volume you’re looking for.

What could be crazier?

Spotting a sleek pompadour on your celebrity and deciding right off that it was styled with wax. Please, always do your findings first. And also, know the difference between these products.

Number 2…

You’re Not Activating Your Product As Should

Easy mistake:

But the more activated your product is, the deeper the effectiveness. Whether for shine or hold or whatever purpose your paste is meant to serve.

So, how do you activate hair paste?

  1. Make sure your hands are dry.
  2. Take the size of the paste to be applied in a palm.
  3. Rub the paste between the two palms until they start feeling warm and the paste disappears.


Activate your product to maximum always, before applying it to the hair.

Number 3…

You Don’t Want To Accept The Fact That There’s A Learning Curve To This

Here’s the bitter pill:

You don’t just try a new product and expect to get an amazing result on the first day. There’s something called experimenting. You wanna try that. For a week? A month? Who cares?

I mean:

Get the paste, play around with it, shove it around, poke and prod, and just make fun with your hair. It’s the most liberating way to figure out exactly what your hair wants and is capable of.

Moving on:

You’re Using Too Much Hair Paste Per Application

Cliché warning!

Less is more. Ever caught yourself obsessing about your hair not holding or shining enough? And then you add more and more until you get covered in a can of paste.

What could be wrong, then?

If you always start your way up from a pea-size shape paste but still aren’t satisfied with the results, here’s the thing. You are either not activating your product as previously pointed out.


You’re Not Using Seasalt Spray

Okay, here’s the thing:

Not everyone needs this. But instead of over-using a hair paste, apply sea salt spray after styling to give texture, volume, and amazingness to your hair. An alternative is a pre-styler.

What else could you be doing wrong?

You’re Using The Wrong Shampoo

Simply put:

If you need to use a lot of it to remove grimes or prep your hair as should, it’s the wrong shampoo.

Now, to the…

Frequently Asked Questions About Styling Hair With Hair Paste

Here we go:

Do you apply the paste to wet or dry hair?

If you’re gunning for a specific style, you’ve got to find that out on your own. But generally, it’s best to apply the paste to damp hair. Not wet. Not dry.

Hair paste vs clay, which is better?

Both and neither. The truth is, it depends on what works best for your hair texture and length. And it takes experimenting and practice to figure that out.

Is paste good for thin hair?

I’d say it’s the best. Unlike wax or pomade, a paste is flexible and lighter. So, it won’t weigh your thin hair down. Even better is, paste gives the best reworkable definition and hold.

Is paste better than gel?

For a lasting stiff hold that can’t be restyled, go for a gel. Otherwise, go for a paste. Another thing, gels work best on super-wet hair while paste works best on damp or dry hair.

So, that’s it:



Striking perfection in styling your hair with paste requires time, patience, and readiness to experiment. In each of the guides shared so far, I have made your journey super easy and faster.


If you have further questions or thoughts to share or need recommendations, use the comments below. But until next time, wishing you the best and rooting for you. 

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