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How to do Goddess braids

How to do Goddess braids

How to do Goddess braids

Step by Step Guide on How to do a Goddess Braids,

Start with clean and dry hair

Detangle your hair with a wide-toothed curry as much as possible; use leave-in conditioner if necessary. Then dry and straighten your hair, particularly if you naturally have curly or kinky hair, as much as you can. This step will make you look neater and straighter with your braids.

When washing your hair, use a good-quality shampoo and conditioner. This step will bring a healthy start to it.

Break your hair into rows, from your hairline to your nape

You were using the rat-tail comb handle to build the components. With a clip, secure each part. The number of rows you make depends on how many braids you want to have. Many individuals stick with five or six: two on each hand and one or two down the middle. On your hairline and sections, add some edge control.

To begin with, choose a row, then section it further off

On either side of your head, select one of the bottom-most rows. To separate a small, vertical section from the front of the row, right at the hairline, use the handle of a rat-tail comb. Break the rest of the row in half, up to the nape down. You break the row like this to make it easier to catch the hair.

Get a pack of kanekalon hair and let the ends thin out

Tug softly at the ends of the kanekalon hair, about 15.24 centimeters (6 inches) away from the tips. This step, without sacrificing length, would thin out the ends of the extension. Towards the end, it will support the braid taper and make it look more natural. You will need a minimum of 3 packs of hair to complete this look.

Divide the hair of the Kanekalon in half, then divide it into thirds

First, cut the kanekalon in half. Set aside one of the halves for next braid and hold the other in the center of your palm. Hold the entire right side of the package, and cut the left side in half. There will be three strands for you: two thin and one thick. A natural color, like brown or black, or an artificial coloring can be used.

Attach your hair to the Kanekalon hair

Place the kanekalon hair behind the front portion that you have jutted off. Place behind the hair the thick, ”whole” strand. Keep the two small, separated strands against your head. Three parts you’ll have:

  • The Bottom Part of Kanekalon
  • A kanekalon middle and actual hair segment
  • A portion of top kanekalon

Starting to braid your hair in French

Collect some of the hair from bottom portion of your hair and add it to the bottom strand of kanekalon. Cross it over the middle part of kanekalon/real hair. Collect some hair from the top section of your hair, and apply it to the top area of the kanekalon. Also, cross it over the middle one.

Continue braiding your hair in French, keeping the stitches close

For a tighter braid, you can collect small pieces of hair or larger sections for a looser one. You want to keep the stitches close regardless of size. Keep braiding until you have reached your neck’s nape.

Finish off with a regular braid

Switch to make a regular braid if you have no more hair to apply to your French braid. Keep braiding until the end of the kanekalon hair is reached. Mind that the stitches should be kept friendly and secure.

For the remaining line, repeat the procedure

It can take a long time for this style to complete, so remember to take breaks. You may even ask a friend to help you with your hair to get the look finished quicker if you want to.

Remember: you need half a “jumbo pack” for each braid.

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Oh, touch the braids up now

Trim away any stray hair with short, pointed scissors along the kanekalon braid. With a good quality gel, smooth down any unruly strands along the French braid.

In an electric kettle, seal the ends of the braids with warm water

Top the water with the kettle and plug it in. In the water, dip the ends of the braids and turn the kettle on. Enable a boil of water to come in. When the timer goes off, take the braids out; some kettles can automatically shut off.

To take away the excess water, wrap the ends of the braids in a towel.

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