How to do & Wash Fishtail Braid?

How to do fishtail braid

Here we have a Complete Step by Step guide on how to do fishtail braid, and how to wash fishtail braid hope you love it, So lets get started.

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  • Divide your hair into two pieces, too. You would have a section on the left and a bit on the right.
  • From the left part, take a thin strand of hair. From the outside, gather it. It’s expected to be no thicker than 0.5 in (1.3 cm).
  • Pull up and over the left segment of the thin strand. I am moving it to the correct 1.
  • Under the correct part, tuck the thin strand. It is now going to become part of the right segment
  • To tighten them, pull gently on the two pieces. Shift your hands as far as they’re willing to go. The tighter you make your braid, the better; for a messier look later, you can always ruffle it.
  • From the correct part, take a thin strand. Gather it and make it no thicker than 0.5 in from the outer segment (1.3 cm).
  • Pull up and over the right portion of the thin strand. Switch it towards the segment on the left.
  • Tuck it under the segment on the left. It is part of the piece to the left now.
  • Till you hit the end of your hair, keep switching sides. Leave un-braided at least 1 in (2.5 cm) of your hair so that you can tie it off.
  • The farther down you go on your braid, strive to use thinner strands. This step will help make your braid appear more even; your hair becomes naturally lighter at the ends.
  • Wrap around the end of your hair with a hairband. You can take a strand of hair if you want to and loop it around the hair tie to cover it. With a bobby pin, protect the strand.
  • By rubbing it between your fingertips, make a tousled braid. If your hair has tons of textures, you may want to skip this; it may end up loosening and on its own being tousled.

How to wash fishtail braids?

  • Shampoo and Soak. Soak your braids with water before shampooing, and then apply your shampoo.
  • Be thoroughly rinsed. Thoroughly rinse; repeat if necessary. I suggest using a light conditioner to add some moisture back in.
  • Dry your braids full.
  • Product Apply.
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