How to do a Braided Bun?

How to do a Braided Bun

Wear your hair in a ponytail

With this braided bun, your hair does not need to be brushed and smoothed out. Tie your hair at nape of your neck in a loose ponytail. Texturize your pony by pinching your hair at the crown to receive some extra volume.

Before you put it in a ponytail, brushing and smoothing your hair will give your bun a sleek look.

Tie a loose pony at the crown of your head for a high bun.


Make your ponytail braid

Braid in a traditional three-strand braid with your ponytail. Down to the bottom of your hair, braid your hair. It’s all right if any bits of hair come out as the braid continues.

Make a hole in your hair

To make a hole in the region of your hair above the ponytail holder:

Use your fingers.


Reach up and under your ponytail holder with your thumb and pointer finger so that they poke up vertically from the hole you just made.

Keep digging through your fingers; they can latch onto your braid.

Through the hole, fold your hair

Pick your braid up and put it to your two fingers by poking through the opening with your free hand. With your two fingers, hold onto the braid and pull the braid down through the opening. Since the plat has been drawn through the opening, the sides of your hair should be twisted.


However, fold your braid again

Fold your braid into the opening one more time. Do not pull your braid all the way down through the hole this time. To pull the bulkiest portion to the hole, flip the braid and let the lower part of the braid (the tail) fold in the hole on itself. The idea is to make the majority of the braid seen in the bun be the braid’s bulkiest portion.

Set the braid tight

To insert bobby pins into sides of your bun, hold your braid with one hand and use your other hand. Use your fingers to pull the braided parts apart a little bit to make the bun appear fluffier and to add texture until the braid is fixed in place. If the bun looks little messy and not too perfect, it’s okay.

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