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Male Models

Even in 21st century, do you still think that it’s the women who are symbols of beauty? Well I agreed to some point But that’s because we have never thrown light on the beauty of masculinity. Beauty isn’t just the synonym for looks, but the mind as well. 

We say smart is the new sexy; well indeed it is. To me, the passion for your work with the skill to maintain yourself is the climax of the attraction. And I have seen many men with this type of beauty. 

This is exactly what I have brought for you here. The Beauty of masculinity has been very beautifully depicted by these male models. Let’s celebrate our top ranking Male models and start the list with:

Brad Kroenig

Fashion men are always a charm. Here we have Brad Kroenig; an actor slash model from the united states. Though he is 41, he is still considered one of the most dashing personalities of show business. 

He is an American male model who is ruling the hearts with his sparkly green eyes and dashing blonde hair. But of course, it’s not just the looks that people fall for. He is also the most talented and passionate personae in the modeling career which made it to the Vogue cover.

Eric Rutherford

People say that old age is cruel but not for this hot fella. Eric Rutherford is in his 50s, and still, he is strikingly charming as he was young.

Eric worked in many movies and dramas, but he never missed stealing the spotlight from the heroes of the shows with his charming looks. He currently rules the modeling world by leading his fam to classic yet simple fashion sense, like a Piper.

Cameron Dalla

A social media influencer, actor, musician, and model this man is the whole package. With more than 21 million followers on Instagram, Cameron is also one of the shining stars of TikTok.

Along with other brands he has also worked for Calvin Klein. Cameron, while working as a model, also works as a full-time Instagram influencer, with his constant updates about his life and work you don’t have to wait to get enchanted by this beauty.

Gilles Souteyrand

Hard rock body and a smile that gets your heart like butter on hot bread Gilles Souteyrand is a 40-year-old French beauty. While looking at his body, you might guess that he has something to do with the gym, and yes he does he is a personal trainer and an Instagram inspiration for millions.

So, during this quarantine, if you feel like getting in shape, you might want to get trained by this beauty online.

Jack Guinness

Like a man of words? Well, you are gonna love him. 

Jack Guinness is a British writer and Editor. So when you think of a writer you might think of some kind of a nerd, right? Well not in this case.

Jack is one of the finest and sophisticated personalities with the most killer looks and love for his work. With his sea-green eyes, killer body, and smothering look, he rocks the world of words.

Marlon Teixeira

Everything has beauty. Yeah, we agree, but this man is on the next level of beauty. Marlon Teixeira is a Brazilian actor & model and currently the hot topic of the movie world.

With his stunning performance on 365 days, he nailed the character of a Mafia gangster, but of course, his act wasn’t the fam was looking at. His hazel eyes and steamy looks and stunning body did most of the work for him.

Isaac Carew

Isaac Carew, When this name comes up, the first thing that pops up in our mind is that “hey, wasn’t this guy Dating Dua Lipa?”. Yes he was, but everything comes and goes, but the only thing that stays with a person Is his talent and passion for his work.

Isaac Carew is a British model and kitchen expert. Yes, a chef that is known for his website; The dirty dishes. While rocking the modeling industry, Issac firmly managed his kitchen experiences which he shared with us. While all his recipes were easy to follow its wasn’t the only reason why people followed him on social media, yes you are right, it was because of his stunning looks as well as the art of cooking by a gorgeous artist.

Burak Deniz

And of course, if we are walking on the road surrounded by these hot beauties, we must come across Burak Deniz. He got his big break from a Turkish Romantic comedy Ask Laftan Anlamaz. 

He was of course acting against a famous female Turkish beauty; Ercel Hande, but it was him that was stealing the spotlight.

With his charming looks and eyes, he is still a symbol of elegance.

Mikhail Varshavaski:

Mikhail Varshavaski, also known as Doctor Mike, is a social media inspiration since 2017. He got the share of his spotlight when he was featured as a sext doctor in Buzz feed and People’s magazine.

His stunning green eyes and worked out bod with a brilliant sense of humor he worth getting sick for. He has a fan family of above 6 million and still growing. He is the reason why we can say that brains and brawns go together.

Hu Bing

When we think of Chinese people, usually cute word comes to mind, but Hu Bing is more than just cute. An actor-producer, designer, singer, and philanthropist he is one whole package of cute not to mention the added sexy looks.

This man has some bewitched personality traits because he started his acting career 25 years ago, and still, he is as good as his first day. With his endearing smile, he has still got the charm to rule your heart.

Harry styles

Last but not least one of the most dashing personalities of the Music industry Harry styles, has made it to every list of handsome and sexy entertainers.

Harry is an English songwriter, singer, actor, a model with the most melodious voice, and an actor with the most beautiful eyes. With an Instagram family of over 33 million, he rules the heart of every age.

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