High Schoolers Lead A Riot Grrrl Revolution In The First Trailer

High schoolers lead a riot grrrl revolution in the first trailer

The slender babes are fighting back! Vivian Carter stumbled. He is fed up with the middle school in a small Texas town where the soccer team has everything free. He is fed up with sexist dress codes, corridor sayings, but most of all, living his life along with pointless rules. His mother was a member of the punk rock movement of the 1990s, Riot Grrrl. Following his example, Viv creates a feminist newsletter that he sends to his fellow students anonymously. It has no other purpose than to let off steam, but the girls stand by the initiative. A real revolution is exploding—the Girls’ Revolution. U Moxie is a story that brings the rebel out of you. It will definitely make a movie out of it. The production company of actor, writer, and producer Amy Poehler is set out to film her. Gain energy from the book and throw yourself where you need.

Jennifer Mathieu, whose adaptation rights Poehler is acquired as soon as they hit his radar, bases moxie on the novel; it is her second film as a director, after Amiga’s con solera project for the streaming platform.

In addition to her mother’s vindictive past, the activism of the protagonist of Moxie (also the name of the fanzine-movement she creates with her friends) is driven by a new student (Alycia Pascal-Peña). The rest of the students aware of the atmosphere of sexism and harassment in their classrooms and hallways.


Josephine Langford (the after saga), Lauren Tsai (Legion), Josie Totah (the new Saved by the Bell), and Patrick Schwarzenegger (Love at Midnight) play other students of the institute directed by Marcia Gay Harden and with Clark Gregg or Ike Barinholtz among the faculty.

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