A Tragic Story of Grant Amato (For The Love Of A Cam Girl)

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During a hard time of life, everyone needs those who can make him happy and relaxed. The people who can show their trust to make you stand once again and those who have a family can understand this fact.

Though the parents and siblings are your family and trust me, they are the best blessing of your life. Yes, it is also a reality that all parents are not perfect; one thing that is quite sure is that they always try their best to love you, help you, and support you in your good and bad times.

Here is the tragic story of a man who, for money, murdered his own beloved family. Here is how he did this

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Grant Amato is the youngest son of his parents Chad and Margaret Amato. The two other siblings of Amato were Jason and Cody, his elder brothers.

The family lived together in Chuluota, Florida. But his elder brother Jason lived elsewhere. Cody and Grant grew up together. Their school has a weightlifting team, so they joined together. Their relationship was unbreakable. They also went to nurse anesthetist school together.

Anesthesiology school

Grant dropped out of anesthesiology school in June 2018. Grant was suspended from his job after being accused of theft, and improperly administering medication to a patient. Although the charges against him were later dropped, he was still fired. The result was that he became depressed.

Grant’s theft at his aunt’s house:

After losing his job, Grant began spending a growing amount of time online. Gaming and live streaming became his hobbies. That time via webcam, he met a Bulgarian model called Silvie.

As he was jobless at that time, he used his family’s money to pay Sylvie to talk to her. In the following months, he also used to buy her clothes and sex toys. To project himself as a wealthy and successful gamer, Grant admitted to stealing over $200,000 from his family.

In the December of 2018, he also stole his aunt’s credit card information

In response to her parents’ advice, Cody offered to repay her on behalf of his brother.

His family was trying their best to protect Grant from the case of theft. They also admitted him into rehab. As they were thinking, Grant has something wrong with his behavior, and he will get better there.

As soon as Grant returned home, he went through a set of rules to live with his family. His phone connection was terminated, he had to find a job, start paying back his debts, and most importantly, he had to stop talking to Silvie. But in January of 2019, his family discovered that Grant is still in contact with Sylvie. As a result, his father ordered him to leave the house.

Grant and Sylvie Affair:

A live streaming pornographic website introduced Grant and Silvie.  Grant had become close to the Bulgarian webcam model Sylvia Ventsislavova, who he called “Silvie.”

Grant used to watch Silvie’s performance every night via webcam. She cost 90 tokens per minute to watch; Grant used to buy 5000 tokens each time for $600. 

For Grant, Silvie was his girlfriend. He also used to buy her gifts and clothes. For Sylvie, Grant was a rich man, and he was spending his own money on her.

grant amato girl friend

But in reality, in just three months, Grant burned through $200,000 to satisfy his obsession with Silvie. While living with his family, he let them believe that the money was supposed to promote himself as a live-streaming gamer on Twitch.


Upon Cody Amato’s failure to show up at Orlando Regional Medical Center on January 25, his coworkers were convinced that something was wrong. He acted totally out of character. One of Cody’s coworkers said

He hadn’t missed a day of work in the last five years

The police were contacted to check Cody’s absence from work. A Seminole County deputy arrived on Sultan Circle at 9:17 a.m. to investigate the domestic incident.

They knocked on the door for a long, but no one opened the door. A deputy and a supervisor try to open a side door with a knife after contacting their supervisors to inform them of the situation.

When the police entered the home, they saw Cody’s dead body in nursing scrubs. He was shot below his eye, and there was also a gun lying close to her body.

When they entered the kitchen, they found another dead body which was of Chad Amato. Chad Amato was shot in the head twice. The following body that police found in the home was Margaret Amato, who was shot in the head. The corpse did not find Grant Amato, so they begin to see him.

Investigation of Murders:

After this tragic incident, police started their investigation. The next day, police found Grant at a local hotel. On the investigation, he was only discussing his family issues. In the three hours of investigation, he did not ask what happened to his family. When the officer asked him about the murders, he completely denied everything. He also gave multiple statements, which led police to believe that he is lying. Further investigation and medical reports made clear that Grant Amato had murdered his three innocent family members.

Conversation between investigation officer and Grant Amato:

The investigation officer showed him the picture if his brother’s dead bod.

Did you leave the house with your brother Cody looking like that?

Multari asked

Saying this she showed more pictures by placing on table

Did you leave the house with your father looking like that? Or your mother?


Grant whispered, while having tears on his cheeks

Nobody else went into that house,

Said Anderson

Multari listed grant’s mental state, debt, and fights with his father as evidence that Grant killed his family.

Who left your family like this? she pressed. Tell us what happened.

We need the truth, you’ve got to tell the truth. It’s on the tip of your tongue,

Said Anderson

Grant kept on repeating the same that he didn’t do it

Then who could have done it?

Detectives asked

Grant responded:

I don’t know. I’ve been getting blamed this last half year for everything, and I’ve been trying to move forward in a positive direction. Every day I’m reminded of all the trouble that I had caused. And I keep being told the same thing over and over again: that there’s nothing I can do to change it.

Grant Response

Grant’s brother, Jason, approached him in the interrogation room. Despite being accused of murder, Grant denied any involvement.

Things aren’t adding up, Jason said to Grant, I’m really confused, Grant. It scares me that you want to leave here and not face up to what happened.

He pleaded with Grant to tell him the truth. But Grant said nothing more. Before leaving, Jason said:

I’m going to pray for you, brother, because I can’t pray for mom, dad or Cody anymore.

I just want to note here that Jason Amato had a solid alibi for January 24. He was questioned as part of the investigation on Jan. 25, when detectives came to his workplace in Winter Springs, FL. 

The 24-hour movement of Jason was documented in detail.

He spent all his day at work, then returned home in the evening at 6. After this, he was documented to went out for dinner with his girlfriend, Christina. They also had their two daughters along.

During the evening, he spent all of his time with them, and then he took the girls to school in the morning. Christina confirmed this account. Moreover, his car and house were searched as well. The investigation team did not find any evidence linking him to the murders.

Trial of the case:

The trial started in July 2019. According to the prosecution, Margaret was killed at 4:40 PM, and Chad was shot when he returned from work in the evening.

Cody died a few hours after he returned from the hospital. The police also mentioned that Grant had placed the firearms and shell casings near the dead bodies to stage a murder-suicide scene with Cody playing the role of a killer.

There were casings from Cody’s gun found near the bodies, but the bullets that killed them were fired from an undiscovered gun. The defense claimed that other suspects were not considered and that the crime scene analysts had not processed the scene thoroughly enough. Approximately about 8 hours of deliberation, Grant admitted his crime to the jury.

Grant Amato Sentence:

The jury granted Grant Amato a life sentence. Now he is spending his remaining life in prison. While the jury was given a choice to recommend the death penalty or a life sentence without parole, they chose to suggest the latter.

Final Words:

Grant Amato ruined his life, his family, and his career for a Bulgarian model, Sylvie. Now she is nowhere, and Grant has nothing left in his hands. His family, who was supporting Grant for all his doings and mistakes, is no more.

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