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First Phase Vaccination Plan For The US

First Phase Vaccination Plan For The US

First Phase Vaccination Plan For The US

The strategy has been planned on how the US pharmacies would administer the Coivd-19 vaccine. Dr. Anthony Fauci, Chief Medical Adviser to the President said “You need to get vaccinated as quickly and expeditiously as possible to stop the replication of virus if replication is stopped in this only case mutation can be controlled, a necessary step to prevent the country from the emergence of variants of the virus he added.”

 So the program has been devised for the shipment of vaccines to US pharmacies. 

First phase: 

In the first phase starting on February 11, 6500 stores including Walgreens, Walmart, CVS, and Publix pharmacies will be provided 1 million doses of vaccine. The pharmacies where the vaccine has to deliver would be selected by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention based on their ability to cover the population at risk and for this reason, CVS and Walgreens will be having more share of the vaccine. 

Information for different stores:

CVS will provide doses to the infected population in 11 states including California, Hawai, Maryland, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia, and Rhode Island.

While Walgreen will cover 15 states including New Hampshire, Illinois, Delaware, Kentucky, New Mexico, Chicago, Maryland, and New York including New York City, New Carolina, Wisconsin, West Virginia, and Puerto Rico. Even in these states, not every store will have the vaccine in the first phase but only those stores which cover more people at risk.

Walmart will have the vaccine in Alaska, Florida, Georgia, Nevada, Texas, Alabama, Colorado, Indiana, Wyoming, and Utah.

Walmart is expected to administer 10 to 13 million doses in a month while CVS is expected to administer 20 to 25 million doses per month.


The vaccine will not be available to every person but only to eligible ones and also need an appointment on the phone or online to get the vaccine.

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