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Everything You need to Know About Galentine’s Day

Everything You need to Know About Galentine’s Day

galentine's day

We know about Valentine’s Day and Palentine’s day both are days of celebrations and enjoyment with your loved ones, but how can we forget women, the unit of society. There is even a separate tax system for women, i.e., the pink tax, then why not a different day? Well, well, here comes a day, “The Galentine’s Day” for women. It is a friend’s day, just like Palentine’s day but specifically for women.

Where does the idea come from?

About a few years ago, the idea came through an episode of the NBC comedy, “Parks and Recreation” in which actress Amy Poehler spent the whole day with her friends. She spent the entire day with the name of Galentine’s Day, just one day before Valentine’s Day. Then from that day, February 13 is celebrated as Galentine’s day.

The actress said, what is Galantine’s day? It is the best day in the whole year when you stay away from your husband and all men. “Every February 13, my ladyfriends and I leave our husbands and our boyfriends at home, and we just come and kick it, breakfast-style. Ladies celebrating, ladies. It’s like Lilith Fair, minus the angst. Plus frittatas,” she said. A famous and viral dialogue from the episode was, “Ladies celebrate ladies.”

Wishing cards and gift guides:

From the day Galandine’s day gained attention and now celebrated with full preparations. You can find more Galantine’s day cards in the US than Valentine’s Day; it has become so popular.

On online shopping sites like Amazon and Etsy, full gift guides are available.

A restaurant in Chicago offers dinner and brunch specials on this day and dedicate to “ladies celebrate ladies.”

Why celebrate the day?

It is just a way to spend time with your loved ones. Celebration with the ones about whom you care. 

It is an addition to Valentine’s Day that one person is essential for you, but some other meaningful people in your lives need your time. 

February is already considered as the month of love then why not one more day to celebrate love. It is the day to bring all ladies in your life you love together. 

Whether you are happily single, in a relationship, or a happy couple, you can find a day in a year for your lovely girls to make them realize how they mean for you. 

According to experts, good friends and friendships can help relieve stress in coping with trauma and depression; it improves self-confidence and boosts your mood. Why not take a few hours for them.

According to psychology, a good social network can reduce stress and can cause you to live longer.

What is the best way to celebrate Galentine’s Day?

You can celebrate in many ways:

  • Arrange a get together for friends
  • Arrange a small picnic
  • Snacks party
  • Movie night
  • Baking
  • Cook together. Friends can gather at one friend’s place and cook their favorite food items together.
  • If you and your friends live far apart, you can make a video call and do all other stuff together.

Not every woman feels comfortable with a guy on 14th February so it is a great idea. It is not restricted to celebrate with a single person like Father, Mother and Valenti e’s Day but can be marked with anyone you consider your friend.

It just started as fiction. The fun began in 2010 with dialogue has become a trend now. Females feel honored on this day and go shopping happily. 

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