Eminem’s Ex-wife Kim Scott Stationed In Hospital After Her Suicide Attempt

Eminems Exwife Kim Scott

Kim Scott was rushed to the hospital on 30th July by cops when they received the reports of a suicide attempt. 46-year-old Kim was taken to hospital from home in Michigan.

The paramedics reported that when they reached her home, they were unable to get her vitals as she was allegedly quarrelsome when cops arrived at her door.

Superstar Eminem and Kim share a daughter, Hailie Jade, 25 years old. Father, Eminem also adopted Kim’s daughter Whitney from her ex-relationship. Both of them have adopted Kim’s sister Dwan’s daughter Alaina, 28 years old.

Eminems Ex-wife Kim Scott Stationed In Hospital

The two of them got married in 1999, and were together for two years, and divorced later. They got married again in 2006 January but split up again in April.

Kim and Eminem have an interesting past. They met when Kim was only 13 and running away from her home with her late sister Dwan. The two sisters moved into Eminem’s house, which was only 15 at that time. They fell in love and became teenage sweethearts and had a volatile relationship.

Kim had a troublesome past, as she attempted suicide in 2015. She said that she didn’t expect to make it through it and that she attempted suicide intentionally. She also added that Eminem had been really supportive of her, and they’re very close. They’re willing to bring up their children together and provide them a good home and family love.

Kim had been arrested multiple times due to drug possession in the past. Her sister Dwan had a history of drug abuse before she died of a drug overdose in 2016.

Both Kim and Eminem love their daughter deeply. Eminem has mentioned Hailie several times and said that he’s a proud dad; Hailie is doing really fine. He also said that She, Hailie have no kids but a boyfriend, and they’re doing well with their lives.

Provided the information about Kim’s troubled past, it may cause depression and anxiety over time, and one might seek refuge in taking their own life. Fortunately, Kim has been rescued by cops when she was attempting suicide.

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