Ella Travolta Shares Exciting News About An Upcoming New Movie, Fans Stunned By Her Natural Beauty

Ella Travolta Shares Exciting News

The 21-year-old actress posted about some exciting news that she has to share with her fans. She shared a video of hers on Instagram addressing her followers as she made a major announcement. she discussed the details about her upcoming movie. Still, her fans couldn’t come out of the magic of her gorgeous natural looks.

Ella is an aspiring actress and is the daughter of John Travolta and Kelly Preston. Preston passed away due to cancer last year. In her video, a lot old that she is currently filming in Budapest for a movie titled Get lost which is a re-imagining of Alice in Wonderland. She talked to her viewers with a pretty smile on her face and a new stylish fringe. She captioned the video, “I am so honoured and happy to big in this adventure On such a wonderful project With such an amazing cast and crew. stay tuned!”

Fans came rushing after seeing this beautiful video, and they couldn’t keep their compliments to themselves. one wrote, “Gosh, you look more and more like your momma every day, so beautiful.” another one wrote, “Ohh you are the best of both of your parents.”

Ella is active on her social Instagram account and usually posts pictures with her family, and keeps her fans and followers updated with her life. She is very family-oriented I love spending time with her dad John, and her 10-year-old brother Benjamin. Recently, Ella paid tribute to her late mother Kelly, who passed away last July who passed away. She shared a trailer of her mom’s final film, “Off the Rails” and expressed how much pride she felt for her. She wrote, “I am very proud of my mother’s last film and I know she was to. She very much enjoyed the time she had making this wonderful picture and all of the lovely people she got to work with. It is available in UK and Ireland theatres starting Friday, July 23rd 2021!”

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