About American actress Elizabeth Judson Shue

Elizabeth Judson Shue

1963 born American actress Elizabeth Judson Shue is one of the top rating mom celebrities right now. With a net worth of $12.5 Million, Elizabeth is not just a sensation to the entertainment industry but her huge amount of fans are sitting at home getting updated by her website called Cafe mom.

Early life

57 year young Elizabeth grew up in Delaware with her mother. Her parents got a divorce when she was just nine years old. She came from quite a well-off family, her father was a congressional candidate, a lawyer and also a president of a food and Beverages Corporation, Her mother on the other hand was a vice president of a private bank.

She was raised along with her brother and speaking of brother one of her brother is also an actor; Andrew Shue. You might have seen him in Melrose Place in which he played the role of Billy Campbell.


She was off living in New Jersey when she graduated from high school. She decided to get herself a degree from Harvard University in political science but then she left it and perused a career in acting, and yes that decision of her did pay off. Now she is a role model to many of the young initiates. She did complete her degree from Harvard later.

Starting her career

Elizabeth started her career in the entertainment industry by advertising. All of that started when she was in high school. Her first role was in a TV commercial for Burger King. Fun fact about burger king, It has proved to be quite a lucky platform for the new initiate actors. Almost all of them are top-rated actors right now.

Well moving along with Elizabeth’s career her next role was in a jewelry commercial and after that some chewing gum commercial. But it wasn’t long enough when she got a minor role in an actual TV documentary about Lady Diana.


That show was called the romance of Charles and Diana which depicted their life before and till their wedding. That project was obviously a huge step in her career considering the popularity it brought for Elizabeth.

The karate kid was the first breakthrough for her in the entertainment industry. She played the role of Ali Mills in that movie.

After that, she got to work on long projects such as a daughter of a military servant in a TV series called Call to Glory. Even though this series was very short-lived yet it played a great role in her aspiring career.


Well, after many successful projects with some of the top of the game artists, directors, producers, and co-actors she made it to a Broadway show which she performed in Birth after Birth.

A career in the film industry

After that her journey on the silver screen started, of course, it started with minor roles but it wasn’t long enough when she got her golden big break. She worked passionately in movies like Hamlet 2, Piranha 3D, House at the end of the street, and many more. She got to work with some famous actors which of course had a good impact on her actress profile.

Breakout role

The breakthrough of her career was when she was nominated for an Oscar. This was surely a huge milestone for her career and it showered some of the most diverse roles of her career upon her.


Peek into the personal life

Elizabeth Shue is been married to an American director named Davis Guggenheim in 1994 and they have these beautiful three kids Stella, Miles, and Agnes. She had to leave the film industry to spend some quality time with her kids and that also turned out great for her because in that time she developed a website where moms from the whole wide world can connect and share their experiences.

Awards and honors

With a background and work experience like Elizabeth, it is pretty obvious to get Honors and awards. Here is the list of some of the awards that Elizabeth received while thriving in the film industry.

She has been nominated for ten awards in her lifelong career and she has won five of them. These awards include best young supporting actress in The Karate kid, Best female Lead in Leaving Las Vegas, and many more.



Café Mom is a digitally networked community created by Elizabeth Shue, it’s not just a web page but a whole platform for the Mom community of the world. Its YouTube page is full of different tips and experiences that help in being an ideal mom.

People all around the world share their experiences with their children, their issues regarding parenting, keeping straight up health while taking care of a child, and much more. It is one of the best communities that’ll make you feel that you are definitely not alone in this beautifully cursed journey.

There is been quite ups and downs in Elizabeth’s life, well who doesn’t FOR THE SAKE OF Empathy, She has gone through a lot from the beginning of her career. Her parent got a divorce when she was just nine, she lost her brother to a tragic accident on a vacation. She had to cut off the filming career from her life to concentrate on her kids.


She had her ups also for example when she won the Academy Award for Leaving Las Vegas which also proved to be her breakout role and being nominated for Oscar. Also, don’t even get me started about her films that rocked the cinema screens.

According to Elizabeth, when she was asked that she could even achieve more than what she has done now, she said that yeah definitely but I just don’t care about what people think of me and my decisions, and maybe that is one of the reasons with what and where I am right now.

But even though she is not one of the top stars of the film industry she is quite happy and satisfied with her life, husband, and children and that’s what matters the most.

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