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The Real Story Of Edward Mordrake [The Man With Two Faces]

The Real Story Of Edward Mordrake [The Man With Two Faces]

Edward Mordrake

There are often beautiful things; however, there are also things that are profoundly shocking and horrifying. A similar event happened to a man decades ago. We have brought you the subject of Edward Mordrake, which is considered one of the weirdest deformities in history.

Edward Mordrake is known for multiple names like a two-faced man, a horrifying face, or a duplicate-faced man. The story of Edward Mordake became more notable when he attempted suicide.

Edward Mordrake Personality:

Edward was an intelligent man with a good personality. He had a graceful figure, and he had a face that was an Antinous. He was also a musician with somehow exceptional qualities.

Edward Mordake Faces:

Edward Mordake was born in the 19th century with two faces. One on the front and the other on the back. The other face on his back was small in size, but it could whisper, laugh, grab objects, cry, and sneeze. In short, his face was as regular as a face of an ordinary person.

Mordake and his Doctors:

Manvers and Treadwell were the Mordake’s physicians. Mordake described his situation to his physicians in a way.

Which never sleeps but talks to me forever of such things as they only speak of in Hell. No imagination can conceive the dreadful temptations it sets before me. For some unforgiving wickedness of my forefathers, I am knit to this fiend – for a fiend it surely is. I beg and beseech you to crush it out of human semblance, even if I die for it.

Edward Mordake Suicide Reason:

Edward Mordake was a noble and intelligent person. But of course, he was very disturbed and terrified with his second face. At nights his second face whispered weird things. He once said:

His face whispered the things that “one would only speak about in hell”.

Mordake begged his doctors to operate on his face and remove the second face from his backside. But due to the severe case and complications of the case, no doctor agreed to attempt this. Due to stress and this weird kind of deformity, he made a suicide attempt at 23.

Suicide Attempt:

Mordake sequestered himself in a room for suicide. At that time of his life, he was very depressed. Also, he didn’t allow anyone to meet him, nor did he go to see or meet with anyone. As well, he did not let his family members see him.

Even with careful monitoring, he was able to acquire poison, which caused him to die. Before taking his own life, he wrote a letter in which he requested that the “demon face” be burned,

Lest it continues its dreadful whisperings in my grave.

He was buried in a waste place where no stone or legend was erected in response to his request. 

A biography written by fiction writer Charles Lotin Hildreth in 1895 describes Mordake as the first-ever defined character. Later from here, his case was also included in the encyclopedia. Many deformities were seen upto now. But the case of Edward Mordake is very exceptional and weird.

Also, there is a question arrised in the mind of many people that why doctor refuses to remove his other head? There is no correct or exact answer for this, but there is an answer according to a general fact.

In the time of Mordake, the technology was not much advance as today, and there were no considerable developments in the field of medicine. His doctors could not take risks about his life; that’s why maybe they rejected his operation.

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