Dutch Models who are considered as fashion icons in the world

Dutch Models

In the heart of the Netherland, there live amazing people from inside-out. The world admits and admires them. When you see a Dutch woman, count these seven characteristics. The blue eyes, face Freckles, athletic personality, tall height, blonde hair, and a significant smile that cover their face.

These are their native signs. What else can be expected to be a beautiful woman? Yes! their Nordic appearance is completely changing the standards of beauty. One more favorite thing about Dutch people is they never limit themselves. Big goals and high confidence level make them different from others.

The fashion world is full of Dutch models. The reason behind their highest percentage is their persistency. They come from ordinary backgrounds and make their identities and careers.  These models started with zero, and today, they are renowned as top-class Dutch models all around the globe. Their presence in movies, television series, modeling shows, and magazines always hits the rating up.


Among the thousands of Dutch Models, we have made a list of the top 10 Dutch Models who completely change the industry’s perception.

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Doutzen Kroes:

Kroes is one of the highest-paid models in the world. She was born in a village in the Netherlands on January 23, 1985. Kroes is considered a self-made model because she started her career by sending her pictures to the fashion agency, and from then, her career started.

Doutzen Kroes

The agency noted her beauty and talent and gave her a chance. She worked in the Netherlands and later went to New York and worked for Victoria’s Secret. Kroes became the brand ambassador of Loreal Paris in 2006. From 2006 to 2014, she had been the Victoria’s, Secret Angel.


In 2013 Kroes was the model who did four different solo covers of Vogues. In 2017 she came up with a superhero. In her personal life, Kroes is an amazing mother. Along with acting and modeling, she is a philanthropist. Her work for humanity is admirable. She also supports an organization named Dance4life and multiple wildlife conservation agencies.

Lara Stone:

Stone was born on December 23, 1980, in Geldrop. She has an English father and a Dutch mother. At her early age, Stone decided to work as a fashion model. In the start, she took part in competitions from which she gained recognition.

Lara Stone

Along with fashion shows, she also worked in campaigns like Givenchy and Just Cavalli. In May 2009, she was launched in American Vogue with Anna Jagodzinska, Caroline Trentini, Natalia Vodianova, Jourdan Dunn, Raquel Zimmermann, and Isabeli Fontana. Later in November, she appeared in the French Vogue with a dark body and face, which became an international racial controversy.


Stone married David Williams, which is an English Comedian. But later, they separated, and she has a son. According to Vogue Paris, Stone is among the top 30 models of the 2000s. Also, in 2010, she won the British Fashion Awards’ Model, which gave her more recognition. Lara Stone achieved great success in her career more than any Dutch model achieved.

Rianne ten Haken:

Haken was born in Lelystad on November 27, 1986. Her father is Dutch, and her mother is Belgian. This Dutch model is a personification of boldness and hotness. Haken started her career at the age of 15 years when she won the Elite Model Look competition. Her height is 5ft and 11 in tall.

Rianne ten Haken

She worked in many famous magazines, and her face appeared on the Vogue cover. After this, she started appearing in advertising campaigns of many big companies and channels.


Because of her beautiful and flawless complexion, she also appeared in cosmetics campaigns. She also walked for many designers like Roberto Cavalli, Gucci, Prada, Jean-Paul, Dior, and many famous international designers.

Haken is renowned for her attractive body, confident posture, and boldness. Her name comes in the list of the top-class Dutch model. Haken has desirable blue eyes, which gives her an elegant look. One of the exciting things about Haken is that she is also a yoga teacher. We can say her beauty with brain.

Karen Mulder:

Karen Mulder is one of the best and successful Netherland models, born on June 1, 1970. She is not just a model but also a singer. She started her career from a modeling contest, and then after her success; top designers hired her as their model. Karen became the face of the Vogue cover repeatedly. She is also a Victoria’s Secret Model.

Karen Mulderen

There was a time when Mulder had her name in the top ten high-paid models worldwide. Her name came in the list of the models who got fame over the years. She married a famous French photographer Rene Bosne who was eighteen years old at their marriage.

Their marriage didn’t work, and Mulder got divorced after five years of her marriage. Her pretty face, colored eyes, and extended height make her one of the notable and charming models of the fashion industry.

Sylvie Meis:

Sylvie Françoise Meis was born in 1978 and is considered in the top five Netherlands fashion models. Her beauty lies in her beautiful and sweet smile. Her height is 5ft and 2 in. She decided to be a model at her early age. She started her career by hosting and appearing in video clips. She can speak multiple languages. In 2003, she won the award of the sexiest female in the Netherlands.

Sylvie Meis

Meis married a football player, and then they were known as the most famous football couple, but later they got divorced. Sylvie Meis is considered a brave woman. She fought with breast cancer, had surgery, and then continued her work on many platforms. Meis also had plastic surgery on her face, and it came with a different appearance. In 2011, Meis was also awarded by Media Women of the Year.

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Famke Janssen:

Janssen is a multitalented woman. She is a fashion model, a writer, an actor, and also a director. Her birthplace is the Netherlands and the birth year is 1964. She also became a role model for many actors and models. Her work in every field is admirable. She started her career with modeling.

Famke Janssen

Later she moved to America and work for Hollywood movies. She is one of the most famous Dutch actors and worked in many blockbuster movies like X-Men, Fathers & Sons, the City of Industry, Lord of Illusions, Dead Girl, Goldeneyes, Rounders, Love & Sex, Made, and many more.


Her films are ranked on the hit list. Apart from the acting, she inspired her fans from her writing. In her nature, she is an introvert and is always inactive on social media platforms. She married Kip Williams, a writer, and director.

Kim Feenstra:

This Dutch model was born on August 23, 1985. Before coming to the fashion industry, she worked as a call girl. In the year 2007, she won the second cycle of Holland’s Top Model Show. She has attractive features with extended height. She truly knows the fashion and carries herself amazingly.

Kim Feenstra

During her childhood, she caught an accident that made her partially deaf. But with a physical disability, she worked as a leading character in many top movies and became a fashion influencer. A lot of people admire her work and fashion sense.


Her beautiful blue eyes give her a Barbie look. For a long time, her face became the cover of multiple Glamour magazines. She married Michael Mendoza in the year of 2010. She is on the top of the list of famous people in their 30s. Feenstra has signed to scoop models in many countries like Italy, Milan, Denmark, and Copenhagen.

Yfke Sturm:

Sturm is a famous Dutch model who started her career at the age of 15. Her birthplace is the Netherlands, and she was born on November 19, 1981. An Elite Model Management scout discover her.

Yfke Sturm

Sturm gained recognition after winning a Dutch Model Contest at her early age. She also signed exclusive contracts with many renowned companies and producers. Her name comes in those famous actors and models who started work at their very early age.


Sturm became the first host of a famous Holland Top Model Show. She also worked for Victoria’s Secret. Sturm has a height of 5 ft and 11 in. In 2007, she married a businessman Imad Izemrane, but later in 2010, she was divorced. In 2015 Sturm had an accident, and she became seriously injured, due to which she was placed in a mentally induced coma.

Daniella van Graas:

Van Graas was born in the year 1975. Her father was a teacher in an institution, and her mother was a house lady. A modelling agent scouted van Graas. She was 18 at that time. She started by working for many renowned magazines and fashion shows. A lot of Vogues had their cover of Van Graas face. She also worked for television. In 2015, she appeared in a television show, “The Prettiest Girl of the class.”

Daniella van Graas

Her best thing is that she is a dynamic woman and carries herself beautifully. Daniella is among the richest actors in the Netherlands. She is admired from all over the world. Her height is 5 ft and 11 in. She became the face for a brand named “Aveeno.” At such an age, she stills looks young and fit. She married Brett Tawil, a sports coach. She has three children and currently living in New York.


Daphne Deckers:

Deckers was born on November 10, 1968. With her attractive features, glowy skin, and long legs, she is considered one of the top models of the Netherlands. She started her career as a model. Along with modeling, she also did hosting and acting. In acting, she has few works like in the MBC mini-series, All-Stars, and Tomorrow Never Die.

Daphne Deckers

One of the surprising things about Deckers is that she is also a writer and published her book. For a long time, she wrote columns for Viva and De Telegraaf. For her fans, she is such a multitalented woman and influenced a large community. She married a sportsman Richard Krajicek. In 2010, Deckers also launched her lingerie brand. She is the ambassador of National Fonds Kinderhulp.

Final Words

Dutch girls are beautiful with brains. They are an all-rounder and have their name everywhere in the media industry. These models set absolute challenging standards in the industry. The most fantastic thing about these top 10 Dutch Models is they are self-made. Not only in the media industry are they also setting standards for humanity by working with many organizations.

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