Maura Murray (Still Missing): Where is She?

Maura Murray

Where is Maura Murray?

It was February 9, 2004, and as far as any relative of Maura Murray knew, everything was perfect in the 21-year-old woman’s life. But that day, nursing student Maura cleaned up the dormitory, took some money from the bank, and emailed her professors telling them that she would not be able to be in class next week due to a family death, and then jumped into her 1996 black Saturn and disappeared.

The strangest thing, No one in the family died. According to police in Haverhill, New Hampshire, at 7:27 pm. That night, at 7:45 pm, Maura’s car crashed into a tree on Wild Ammonoosuc Road in Woodsville, New Hampshire. The responder wrote: “The evidence at the scene showed that the vehicle had driven eastward and left the lane, hit several trees, rotated and stopped in the wrong direction on the eastbound lane.”

Damage is visible on the driver’s side, front end, front passenger side, rear driver’s side, and back passenger side. The windshield also broke, and the car was locked, and Maura was out of sight. The witness of the crash was a local bus driver. He said that a young woman drove the car, and she told him not to report the accident to the police. In any case, he did.

Disappearance of Maura Murray

Law enforcement agencies immediately suspected that alcohol was a factor in the accident. A Franzia wine box can be seen on the passenger seat. There is red liquid on the driver’s side door and car roof. The car was eventually towed away, but it was gone before the responders could find the coke bottle containing a red liquid with a strong alcohol odor.

A Beloved Hometown Gal

Fred and Laurie Murray welcomed their daughter Maura into the world on May 4, 1982. In high school, she was a track star, but she was smart and knowledgeable, so she continued to study chemical engineering in the U.S. military. West Point College. She later transferred to the University of Massachusetts (U Mass), where she changed her major to nursing.

However, Maura Murray’s life has not been smooth sailing. In 2003, she got into trouble when she gets arrested in Amherst for improperly using a credit card under $250. She used stolen credit cards in many restaurants and shops in the town. When encountering a crime, Maura admitted that she had obtained the number from the bottom of the receipt and copied it to a notecard. Because of Maura’s good behavior, the accusation was quickly dismissed.


Fred met with Maura to help her find a new car on February 7, 2004. After that, he returned to the Quality Inn, where he stayed, and then went to Amherst Brewing Company for dinner. Maura and Fred went to pick up Maura’s friend Kate, and then they returned to Amherst Brewing Company to drink at around 9 pm.

Before Maura and Kate stayed in Fred Inn for one night, they stopped at a wine shop, and then Maura and her friends went out for a party, but she crashed her father’s car. So Fred rented another car, picked up his daughter, and sent her off-campus around 1:30 pm. On February 8, Maura told her father that she went to the corner, hit the sand, and slipped. She said she hadn’t drunk anything for a while, and she had never received a breath analyzer or tickets.

The Real Mystery (9th February)

Due to the threat of an imminent snowstorm in the area, university courses were canceled on February 9. Maura sent emails to all professors and work supervisors to inform them that someone in the family died, and she was going there for a week.


There was no death in the family, then Maura drove to the ATM and withdrew $280. Then, she went to the liquor store and bought Bailey, Kalua, vodka, and a Francia wine box for 40 dollars. Also, she stopped at Amherst DMV to obtain insurance papers for her father’s car, which was damaged in the crash the day before.

She called her voice mailbox at 4:37 pm and then packed her car for a mysterious trip. At 7:27 in the evening, Maura destroyed the vehicle. The only clue she left was a printout of MapQuest’s route to an apartment complex in Burlington, Vermont.

A review of Maura Murray’s Mobile phone Records

A review of Maura Murray’s mobile phone records revealed that she called the owner of an apartment used for rent. Although no one knew her plan, the police could only assume that she was going to Lington, but Maura was declared missing. The next day, when the authorities found out that she had cleaned up the dormitory. On top of a box was a typed letter to her boyfriend, detailing the relationship between them.


Following the spill of alcohol, Maura Murray’s car’s search revealed most of her belongings, but her debit card, credit card, and mobile phone were lost. Six days after Maura went missing, a large-scale search began, including tracking dogs, helicopters, and well-trained people. Searchers, local and state police, and state fish and game officials.

The search covers an area of ​​20 miles along Rt. 112. No footprint was found in the snow. It was almost as if she had disappeared literally. In the middle of the road, the stalking dog lost Maura’s smell from the accident, about 100 feet away from the accident site, indicating that Maura either rode a horse and walked on or was kidnapped.

Main Theories

In the Maura Murray case, there are four main theories.

  • She went to the mountains to commit suicide.
  • Maura Murray left to start a new life.
  • Maura died of exposure.
  • She was abducted.

Soon after the February 9 accident, witnesses claimed to have seen Maura walk several miles from the crash site. Most people believed that she was taken away by an opportunistic murderer, but the theory is only based on the search dog lost her scent in the middle of the road.

Some people thought that Maura might be shocked by the crash, so she avoided the woods and escaped law enforcement, but she lost her way, lost herself, and was killed by the elements. After all, this is her second car accident in two days. Others thought she had been thinking about suicide, and the car accident only strengthened her resolve.

No matter what happened to Maura, it seemed that she wanted to stay away from the crash site as quickly as possible. On the 15th anniversary of Maura’s disappearance, Fred Murray announced the case’s potential clues in February 2019. He was allowed to enter a house near the accident scene, where two dead dogs hit an area in the basement. Until then, the homeowner hadn’t even opened Fred’s door.


In the end, after 15 years of hard work, the owners relaxed and allowed the dogs to sniff around. Both dogs smelled in the same area.

Investigators searched the house in April 2019, but to Maura’s family and friends’ disappointment, there was no sign of Maura or crime. Law enforcement agencies even cut large chunks of concrete to find Maura, but their efforts did not produce any criminal evidence. The ground-penetrating radar showed that the ground had been disturbed, but no one was buried there.

Rumors About Her

In the past 16 years, there have been rumors about Maura Murray’s whereabouts, including someone taking a nurse to a party, poisoning her, and then burying her in the basement.


There is also a theory that someone will meet Maura to pick her up in Canada to start a new life. This theory comes from investigative reporter James Renner. He doesn’t believe that she encountered a foul. If correct, his theory will explain how the mullah disappears quickly after the bus driver crashes the crashed car.

Renner said:

“The only way this could have happened was if Maura knew the driver and there was no time wasted for conversation… Enter the tandem driver, who would have been driving ahead of Maura. If they were ahead and saw the accident in their rearview and were past Bradley Hill Road, the next place they could turn around was Route 116. It takes approximately seven minutes to drive to Route 116 and back to the scene of the [collision].”

Renner believes she might escape protecting herself and her unborn baby, but what does she need to protect her unborn baby from harm?

“[She] ran away to survive. To protect herself and, if the police are correct, her baby. And talk about a motive to remain quiet for 11 years — can you get anything better than protecting a kid? What wouldn’t you do? That’s certainly one way to avoid any custody troubles.”

Also, Renner claimed to have received an email claiming to be “someone from Maura’s inner circle.”


In the email, the author claimed to have spoken to someone in a bar, and they heard something completely different from Maura Murray. According to the email, Maura did not commit suicide or become pregnant; she did not commit suicide. She wants to get rid of her boyfriend, who abused her.

Renner explained:

“He then started talking to me about the missing girl who had gone to West Point and then to U Mass. I hadn’t heard about it at the time, and he explained what I now know is the [Maura Murray] case. He told me that it was an open secret among people who knew her personally at U-Mass that she ran off on her own to get away from an abusive relationship. He said that he knew people that knew her and that had been in on the whole thing.”

Some people say that Maura lives well and lives in Quebec, Canada, and her family is aware of this. The statement allegedly came from a friend of Maura. However, skeptics pointed out that if mullah’s father knew where he was, it was unlikely that he would insist on kidnapping his daughter. If he knew his daughter was not there, why would he stand by and allow someone’s basement to be torn to pieces?


Moments after returning to James, the reporter also claimed to have received a letter called Ray Rummau with the title “Stop Looking.” Carrigain, especially the Desolation Trail area. Renner theorized the coordinates leading to Maura’s body. Volunteers went to search the site but had to turn around due to heavy snow.

Then came the love triangle theory. Allegedly, Maura was engaged to U.S. Army Lieutenant Bill Rausch while she was dating UMass assistant coach Hussein Baghdadi.

Renner said that after Maura disappeared, detectives talked to Baghdadi, and he told them that Murray had hinted that she planned to disappear in a private conversation. If his story can be believed, Maura will go to the UMass Outing Club cabin in the White Mountains, and Baghdadi often participates in similar trips.


The “112dirtbag” Video

If you have any time to watch a creepy video on YouTube, you may have seen someone post one under the name “112dirtbag”.

On February 8, 2012, “112 Dirt Bags” uploaded a video with short hair, in which an anonymous man laughed wildly in a dark room.

Maura’s father has said in the past that he believes his daughter was kidnapped by “some dirty bags” 112. The person posting the video has obviously been tracking the case’s latest situation and modeling the username based on these details. The creep in the video (excuse me, LOSER) was never discovered, but Fred did not give upwards.


He said that:

“The case has to stay alive… That’s the only hope I have. I can’t help Maura now. The only thing I can do for Maura is to grab the dirtbag who grabbed her. That’s all I can do. I must find her and bring her home.”

Even if Maura Murray is alive and well and the 112dirtbag videos are just a hoax, these videos are still disturbing because some toothless imbecile boys think it is funny to torture Maura’s family friends. It’s been 16 years since I saw Maura last. Live. Unlike many other missing people, she is likely to deliberately walk away and go somewhere to live the new life she created.

If she is kidnapped, there is still hope. We all have heard the story of the abducted victims years later-look at the women rescued from Airy Castro’s house and Jaycee Dugard, like every missing person, someone knows. The question is, are they silent to protect the new life Maura Murray has built for themselves, or are they protecting themselves because they have done something wrong?

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