Who is Dalia Dippolito

dalia dippolito

Dalia Dippolito was born on October 18.1982. Her age is 37 at this time. She was born in and nurtured in New York and is a white American call girl. In Lantana, she studied at Santaluces High School, she was an intelligent student in her academic background, and she is very talented, along with independent women. She wanted to see her career at the top level. She wanted to spend her life in her own choice and dream.

Dalia’s Marriage

She married Michael in 2009. Their marriage runs for six years. Due to this reason, her husband was not sincere with her. He had affairs with other girls. He used to treat his wife as a servant. He tortured her wife and beat her as well. 

Her Husband’s Murder

She planned in clandestine with a cop for the killing of her husband who is Michael Dippolito. This policeman killed Michael, the same person who recorded Dalia and made Michael’s death an incident. In consequence, she was tired of her husband then she made a plan for him to kill and end his life.

Imprisonment of Dalia

dalia dippolito murderer

Dalia got renowned in 2017. It was the time when she was found guilty of the death of her husband, and she was sentenced for the murder of first degree. At that time, she realized that no one could allow ending anyone’s life. God gifts life, and we have no right to end up anyone’s life. The court found a video in which she was planning to murder her husband, Michael. 

Michael and Dalia Relationship

Michael married Dalia in 2009. Their marriage exists for only two years, but they had not any children. They both are fighting with each other. They never resolved their issue through communicating with each other. They both wanted to end their relationship.

Family of Dalia Dippolito

Randa Mohammad was the father of Dalia, whereas her mother’s identity is still unknown. Samira Mohammed and Amir Mohammed are his two siblings. Dalia is the eldest among all. Dalia’s father was from Egypt; at Ritz Carlton, he waited for chairs. Whereas her mother worked in a non-governmental organization, she was from Peru. She belongs to a middle-class family.

Dalia Dippolito Current Situation

In Marion County, Florida, Dalia is imprisoned in the Lowell Correctional Facility. Total three through Claypool her surrender herself to police. She admitted that she killed her husband with the help of her accompanied friends. She wanted to move her relationship and want to get a divorce from each other.

Unfortunately, he could not end his relationship with me. He blackmailed her for money. He insulted her in front of the public along with her family. At that time, she had decided to kill her husband and spend her life as per her own choice. After few years, she became religious and felt guilt for her sin. Therefore, she is currently facing imprisonment for sixteen years. She became famous after the murder conviction of her husband.

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