Coolest Cornrow Braid Hairstyles Ideas

Cornrow Braids

Cornrows or cane-rows are the most popular hair-braiding styles in which the hair is woven near to the scalp by using an underhand, upward motion to create a continuous, upward line. As the term suggests, cornrows are primarily done in flat, straight lines, but they can also be modeled in intricate geometrical or curvilinear designs.

Who Discovered Cornrow Braids?

The roots of braids can be traced back 5000 years in African culture to 3500 B.C.—they were widespread with women. “The Braids are not just a style; the craft is a form of art. Braiding began with the Himba people of Namibia in Africa, says Alysa Speed of Bomane Salon.

How to do Cornrow Braids

  1. Detangle your hair first. Because the hair is tangled, the style won’t show up that nicely.
  2. Take a tail comb and comb your hair from front to back and keep making rows from your forehead till the nape of the neck.
  3. Start with a row of hair on top of the side and unclip it. Take any hair from the front of your forehead or ear in your fingers. Separate the row with your fingers into three even sections: the left, middle, and right sections.
  4. It continues by either the left or the correct section in your fingers, passes it over and above the middle section, replacing it with the center section. Then switch the section over to the opposite side so that it is in the middle, turn the new centerpiece side.
  5. Repeat the above braid stitch method, adding 1⁄2 in (1.3 cm) of hair to each stitch as you go. Every time you make a new stitch, add more hair from the row and continue until you hit your neck’s nape. It is going to keep the braid connected to your head.
  6. When you get to your throat, you’re not going to have any more hair to add to each stitch. Only finish the braid before you’ve used up the majority of your hair. If you like, you can protect the braid when it’s done with an elastic hairband, a rubber band, or a small bar.

Would you please unclip the next row of hair on your head? Repeat the process:

  • Divide the row into three even parts at the front of your forehead or ears.
  • Fringe it until you reach the nape of your neck.
  • Tie the rest of your hair.
  • Connect it to the end with a hairband.

Difference between cornrow braids and regular braids

Cornrow braids

Cornrows or cane-rows are the most popular hair-braiding styles in which the hair is woven very close to the scalp, using an up and down movement to create a continuous, upward line. As the term suggests, cornrows are primarily done in flat, straight lines, but they can also be modeled in intricate geometrical or curvilinear designs.

Regular braids

It’s the braids’ baseline. Alternately, taking three sections of hair, passing each area over a middle strand on either side, think of it as a juggling coat.

Which hair is more likely used for cornrow braids?

You want to use good synthetic extension hair when making the cornrow braid style. The Sensational Pre-Stretched Synthetic Hair will get the job done for this reason. You would also want to make sure that your hair is really moisturized and detached beforehand for greater convenience. Pomade will also be significant in the success of the theme.

Can you cornrow braids without extensions?

Yes, we can make cornrow braids without extensions. An excellent protective styling choice that helps you keep your hair hydrated and removes stress caused by heavy extensions is cornrow braids on your natural hair.

Kendall Jenner and Cornrow Braids

Kendall Jenner and Cornrow Braids

Kendall Jenner is mainly known for her epic hairstyle. She loves to add this cornrow hairstyle to her life and slays the style, and knows how to carry herself nicely with it. She has a significant number of fans cause of her fabulous hairstyle. She was slammed cause of her hairstyle; this becomes very popular.

Hairstyles for Cornrow Braids

Big Cornrow Braids

Big cornrow braids have an eye-catching way to embrace this trend and seek people’s attention towards it. Braiding in more enormous plaits saves a lot of time, as more hair is used in each row than braiding in small plaits.

Big Cornrow Braid

The less time in the lounge chair, the better! It’s also easier to preserve, care for, and style this form of cornrow braid. You can add accessories such as ribbons and delicate chains to make the most of this look and give it a unique twist.

Side cornrow braids

You can use this style to create a ‘false-undercut’ look. However, if you want to take this to the next level, consider pairing the side cornrows with the other braids. Dutch braids with side cornrows are an excellent combination.

Side cornrow braids

You may also add a few contrasting cornrows to the crown of your head. It’s perfect for highlighting the bone structure of your face, too, as it shows off the cheekbones and frames the temples. Whatever you decide, it’s a fun and flexible style to try.

Braids Carried in a Bun

There’s nothing hotter than the braids wrapped in a bun, and the cornrows make this look extra striking. . This draws your eyes over your face and focuses your attention on the crown of your hair, your forehead.

Like any bun hairstyle, balance this look with bright lipstick and winged eyeliner. Although you can tie your cornrows straight back before you curl them into this glamorous and elegant updo, why don’t you try a new twist on the look? It is Braided the cornrows asymmetrically from left to right.

Front cornrow and Back Box Braided

What’s better than this classic form of braid? It is the style in which there are box braids on the front side while on the back. These make an excellent combo yet seek the attention of people.

Front cornrow and Back Box Braided

Although box braids have been around for thousands of years, originated in Namibia, they became popular in the late1990s and are still going healthy and glamourous today. The style doesn’t need maintenance and protection since the braids don’t place too much tension on your scalp.

They’ve got a lot of definitions, and they’re flexible. You may also braid your synthetic hair for extra length and volume in your braids. Pair your box braids with your side cornrows.

Tree cornrow braids

Tree braids are one of the elegant and hot styles one can have. Tree braids are the finest hairstyles, but they look better when made in a cornrow shape. This braid form includes making mini-cornrows and your natural parting but keeping most of your hair free and loose.

Tree cornrow braids

You might remember three braids from the early 2000s when the style had a lot of popularity. It’s difficult to see why this look is an easy way to add some attitude to the otherwise unbridled hair. It offers a soothing contrast and a nod to your natural roots, whether your tresses are straightened or relaxed.

Cornrow braids with weaves

Weaves are an easy way to make your hair longer, thicker and smoother. When you’ve got your weave sewn in, you can tie your hair to the cornrows. Although there are many looks to try, one of the best is the two French braid cornrows with the ends free.

Cornrow braids with weaves

This look is especially striking if you have selected a weave that is different from your natural hair. Not only does this style look gorgeous and attract your eye, but it also preserves your natural hair and works well every season of the year.

Feed in braids and cornrows

This form of braid involves folding in hair extensions to give the appearance of naturally ultra-long cornrows. Feed-in braids are a significant trend at the moment. Try to play with various thicknesses to create a distinctive look.

Feed in braids and cornrows

Hair accessories look great when they’re applied to this theme. You can go for something hot or a more subtle finish; it’s all about showing your personality and jewelry taste.

French braid cornrows

It is woven cornrow-style, the plait is raised – but it has the same elegance and clean-cut finish. Adding side cornrows gives this hairstyle a little more edge and appeal, but it follows the same rules as the classic French braid.

French braid cornrows

Specifically, French braids lay flat against the head and effortlessly bind all the hair to the plait. All your hair looks good in this hairstyle and gives an elegant look.

Jumbo cornrow braids

Jumbo cornrows, as the name indicates that they are much larger than large cornrows. These braids are ideal if you’re wearing long, thick hair, a weave, or extensions. The rows themselves should also be held straight, from front to back.

Jumbo cornrow braids

When done correctly, this hairstyle blends an attitude with a sleek finish. To keep the look neat, make sure your hair is woven tightly and precisely. If you wrap the braids in a polished bun, it gives a chic ballet-inspired outcome.

Updo cornrow hairstyle

Cornrow’s ponytail has always been so trendy and attention-seeking hairstyle. It’s a super cool look that’s perfect for the season of the festival. That’s because you’re not going to have to think about holding and maintaining it; the braids are going to stay in place and keep your hair out of your face in the summer sun and make the look neat.

Updo cornrow hairstyle

Dress up both cornrows and plaits with accessories such as gold cuffs or rings to put your twist on this beautiful look.

Final Words

Cornrow braids look very beautiful when pulled off so perfectly by one of these styles mentioned above.

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