Tragic Story of a Murderer who Killed his Wife & 2 Daughters

Christopher Watts

A family is the greatest blessing anyone can ever receive. Predominantly your life partner and your kids are something that no one can replace. They are the reason for happiness in sorrow. But what if you destroy your family from your own? What if you harm them or kill them?

Here is the story of a man who murdered his wife and two beautiful daughters and now spending his life in prison.


This story is about Christopher Watts and his family. Christopher Watts and Shanann Rzucek belong to North Carolina. Christopher Watts belongs to Spring Lake. Shanann was from Aberdeen. On November 3, 2012, they married in Mecklenburg County. Online records indicate that the couple met in 2010 and exchanged vows on November 3, 2012.

In 2015, the Watts family filed for bankruptcy in Frederick, Colorado, where they own a five-bedroom home they purchased in 2013. While Christopher worked as a petroleum engineer for Anadarko, Shanann sold Le-Vel products from home.

Bella Marie, their first daughter, was born on December 17, 2013. After two years on July 17, 2015 another daughter was born to them whose name was Celeste Cathryn “CeCe” Watts. These are the two daughters of Christopher and Shanann.

Investigation & Search:

The incident occurred at about 1:48 am on August 13, 2018.  Shanann went on a business trip, and on her return, her colleague and friend dropped her home. Shanann’s husband, Christopher, and her two daughters were at home.

Shanann, returned from a business trip to  Arizona.  Her friend and colleague Nickole Utoft Atkinson dropped her to the home. Later that day, Nickole Atkinson became concerned when Shanann failed to return text messages and missed an obstetrics and gynaecology appointment as scheduled.

christopher watts family

In the early afternoon, about 12:10 pm, Atkinson went to the Watts residence after Shanann missed a business meeting. He was concerned about her, and when no one answered the doorbells and knocks, he called the Police department to check if everything is good.

At approximately 1:40 pm, a Frederick police officer conducted a welfare check on the man. During the welfare check, Christopher permitted the police officer to search his house. A dog belonging to the family was found unharmed. Despite the search for Shanann and the girls, they were not found. During the investigation, investigators found Shanann’s purse, which contained her keys and cellphone. Towards the back of her garage stood her car, which still had the girls’ car seats.

The investigators also found Shanann’s wedding ring in her bedroom. Following the arrest, the FBI and Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) stepped in to conduct the investigation.

During the investigation process, Christopher made his initial declaration that he did not know where his family was, nor had he seen his wife since the early morning of the previous day. In interviews outside the house, he appealed for the return of his wife and daughters to Denver television stations KMGH-TV and KUSA-TV. 

The Day He Arrest:

On August 15, 2018, Christopher was arrested. The investigation team had a doubt in him. When he failed a polygraph test and, based on a video of the interview room taken from a security camera, he confessed to murdering Shanann.

Strangely before admitting his crime, he asked to speak to his father. Christopher claims he told Shanann that he wanted their marriage to end. Actually Christopher was having an affair with other woman and he wanted to marry her. Christopher claimed to the investigation that when he told this to Shannan for separation, he strangled their daughters.

Then his subsequent reaction was to strangle her wife, Shanann, out of rage. After this he transported the bodies to Anadarko Petroleum’s remote oil storage location.

August 15 was the day of Christopher’s arrest. On his arrest, he was fired from the compny where he was currently working.  During the investigation, police found the dead bodies in Anadarko Petroleum’s site on August 16. Shanann was buried in a shallow grave nearby, while the girls’ bodies were discovered in crude oil storage tanks.

First Degree Murder & Sentence

On August 21, 2018, the investigation team filed a case of first-degree murder against Christopher. Per child, one additional count was added as

“Death of a child who had not yet attained 12 years of age and the defendant was in a position of trust”


When he appeared in court for the first time, his bail was denied because of the severe case. He was ordered to deposit 15% of his bail to be released at a later hearing, bringing his bail to $5 million.

Christopher is now spending his life in prison. His words were shared by a source who used to talk to him.

“He doesn’t like talking about his life before prison,” says the source, “but he has said that he used to be a huge fan of Christmas: decorating the house, spending time with family. And he knows 100% that it’ll never happen again, and that it’s his own fault. He’s in a hell of his own making.”

Christopher’s Current Life:

Now 35 years old, Watts can be seen with a Bible in his cell and several family photographs. Additionally, it is also reported that Watts spends huge time reading and writing. At this stage of his life, he hates the holidays, and he can do no other thing.

On special occasions like Christmas, he remembers his beautiful time with his family in enjoying and cheering up. Now there’s nothing except loneliness and prison.

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