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Christopher Nolan’s Groundhog Day

Christopher Nolan’s Groundhog Day

Abdul Rafay
This is new movie from Christopher Nolan

We wonder if it is not all the other way around. Groundhog Day . Today they will open their eyes, they will look at the alarm clock, and Sonny & Cher will sneak between their lashes and everything else: “Babe – uh ahah, uh ahah – I Got You, Babe.” They will put their clumsy feet on yesterday’s socks, still scattered on the floor; hot water is made to beg; the house smells like coffee; the keys, that you leave the keys; the quarter to fifteen girl turns the corner. Next to the clothing store, good morning, do you have what I asked you yesterday ready? See you tomorrow! What do we have for dinner? Do you want to see a movie? Goodnight, “I Got You, Babe! I Got You, Babe! “

Besides, start over. Uh ah ah, uh ahah .

If today were to be yesterday and tomorrow again, if evolution were confirmed and one day I looked in the mirror, and my face was that of Bill Murray in ‘ Trapped in Time, ‘I would take it as a blessing. Not you? It would be the easiest way to take another path, take risks in everyday decisions, turn routine into the pure social epic. Maybe he would go out to eat outside with a book and some sunlight. Alternatively, he would take advantage of the topping to send rude asparagus and haughty gyrfalcons to fry. Alternatively, I would go play a basketball game. Alternatively, I would call my friends for a beer as God intended, like before, when we were worried about what was happening in the universe and not what could or could not happen.

The funny thing is that every day, every morning, we choose to play the same role, the same script, the same greetings … Wow, what if we started living on Groundhog Day? What if, starting today, we act as if it does not matter that much? What if every day we perform an act of pure social epic, an unexpected twist, something that makes us laugh like children at recess?

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Time, precisely time, takes care of putting the pieces in their proper place. Also, no matter how the years go by, no matter how hard the translators tried to give it a more ‘Spanish’ title, we will continue to refer to it as ‘ Groundhog Day, ‘a film embedded in everyone’s memories. Even those who have not seen it yet. Happy and unexpected February 2, sunny groundhog day repeatedly. Uh ah ah, uh ahah

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