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Christina Anstead Responded To Criticism About Her Physique

Christina Anstead Responded To Criticism About Her Physique

Christina Anstead

Christina Anstead, a 37-year-old reality star and Flip or Flop star from HGTV did not bear body shaming by her fans when she posted some shots on Instagram and people started commenting about her physique and responded as people said: “You look skinny and you need to eat”.

She said, “You guys have just watched me have babies and then go back to my original weight. So don’t worry, everything’s fine”.

Christina explained to her fans that they have been seeing her after having babies she has just returned to her previous weight which is quite okay.

She also said, “Chill people- I Eat and I Eat Healthily”

Christina Anstead also in news a few days back after her separation from her husband, she changed her name on social sites back to her maiden name.

She made a video and said, “People are commenting over my health and saying I am looking skinny but this is the way I have always weighed.”

It was the answer to all those who were discussing her breakup and then started comparing it to her health so she made clear that everything is okay.

Some people on Instagram commented to stop body shaming and have said its quite normal to attain the original weight even after 3 babies but most of them were asking her to be happy and to eat as one person said, “You must eat more” so she posted a video and broke the silence that there is nothing to be worried about she is alright.

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