Who Was Guru Jagat? Celebrity Yoga Teacher Passes Away at 41

Guru Jagat

Guru Jagat, the founder of Venice Kundalini yoga studio RA MA, passed away on Sunday night at 41. she was a renowned yoga teacher and a Wellness entrepreneur. The cause of death is known to be a pulmonary embolism that resulted after ankle surgery.

Guru Jagat died
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Her death was confirmed on the Instagram account of the RA MA Institute, stating,  “Guru Jagat left her body on Sunday, August 1, 2021, at 9:07 PM PDT in Los Angeles. She was surrounded by her family and her teacher. we will be forever changed by the legacy she created.”

She had founded her yoga studio Ramaa back in 2013 and expanded it to seven locations around the world. She had many celebrities over at her yoga studio, including Alicia Keys, Kelly Rutherford, Kate Hudson, and several more.

She liked to call herself a serial entrepreneur as she was an author of the book invincible living. She had her own fashion brand Guru Jagat collection, and obviously, haha yoga institute in seven different locations.

This sudden death of hers had left several fans grieving, as she was a motivational figure to so many worldwide. Even her name, Guru Jagat, a Sanskrit word, means Bringer of Light to the universe.

Her last words on her Instagram account were, “Many things to say but for now- hold each other tight, be massively kind, practice presence and humor as this life is precious and oh so delicate.”

Guru Jagat is survived by her husband, motivational speaker John Wineland although it wasn’t ever confirmed that they were married.

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