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Cassandra Fairbanks

Cassandra Fairbanks is a famous American political activist, journalist, and social media influencer. On March 11, 1985, she was born in Boston, Massachusetts, Amherst, and she studied Physics at the University of Massachusetts. A 35-year-old Cassandra lives in Silver Springs, Maryland, with her daughter.

Before being acknowledged as an activist, she was a sound engineer for groups in the warped Tour Vein. She started her career as an activist with Greenpeace environmentalism, protesting at sea world and circuses. This was her starting step as an activist.

Career as an Activist:

She started her career as an activist by taking part in politics and by discussing issues around it. She says that her interest in politics began when she was in second grade, and the school conducted a mock election. In 2013, she wrote about police brutality.

In the same year, she opened a Twitter account to follow up with the news of WikiLeaks. That was her first step to becoming an official activist. She started writing on her account, and soon her Twitter became her prominent voice regarding every social issue.

cassandra fairbanks

She played a role as an activist for years, but she got famous when she started a campaign, “Find the dancing man.” This campaign began when the photos of an old Englishman were posted on an anonymous chat board. Sean o’ Brien, a 47-year-old man who was dancing at a concert, stopped dancing when some young boys start laughing at him due to his fat. They posted his pictures and commented on his fat-shaming. 

Cassandra began a campaign on social media to search for a dancing man, and within 24 hours, she found him in Los Angeles. She provided him a celebrity-pack gathering with thousands of guests at Avalon Hollywood; this campaign boosted $70,000 for anti-bullying and positive body image charities. And also added 30,000 followers to her Twitter account.

After this, in 2016, she supported Donald Trump and asked her 70k Twitter follower to support Trump. This raised question by the Media that a woman is supporting Trump even though knowing about his misogynistic view. But she said that she thoughts of Hillary Clinton as a dangerous person for the U.S.

She was one of the organizers of DeploraBall in Washington to celebrate the victory of Trump. She also became part of the campaign of “Blacklivesmatter.”

Career as a journalist:

Her writing career started in 2014. She mainly wrote police savageness, and in 2015 she drafted for PINAC News. In the same year, she live-streamed her own arrest when she was covering anti-police brutality protests in St.Louis.

She has also sub served for the Russian state-funded international news company Sputnik in Washington. D.C. In 2016, she wrote 10 articles for Teen Vogue. She reported in the FBI internet crime complaint center for cyberstalking.

In 2017, she left Sputnik, worked as a senior reporter in Big League Politics, and became a Washington bureau chief for The Gateway Pundit. Cassandra was called a white supremacist for using the OK sign.

She also wrote a story for Big League about Julian Assange and a case was against her about the defamation and provided evidence on this report. Cassandra faced criticism after this.

Her career as an activist and journalist is really great. she is a progressive activist and works in journalism. As an activist, she is doing her job efficiently.

Some Interesting facts from the life of Cassandra Fairbanks:

Net Worth

Fairbank’s major source of income is journalism. Cassandra’s Yeezy sneakers contributed most of her earnings of $3 million and $5 million, respectively. Despite her exaggerated views of the size of her business over the years, she made a lot of money from her profession during her career. Her net worth is enough to rank among the biggest cashouts among celebrities. Cassandra has an estimated net worth of $5 to $10 million.

An avid dog lover

Fairbank is a big lover of dogs. The dogs she has as pets also fascinate her fans. Fairbanks owns a Pomeranian dog that cost about $600 and $1500. 

On-Screen Appearance

In addition to social media, Fairbanks has appeared in several TV documentaries. This includes documentaries from the BBC – Panorama (2016), Black and Blue (2016), which examined police brutality in Los Angeles, and Dancing Man – the Documentary.


Her relationship status hasn’t been made explicit, but her highly suggestive tweet with John Lancy in it has revealed her relationship status to the world. In response to rumors that Julian Assange was her husband, she quickly refuted the claim. 

She loves tattoos

The first thing you will notice about Cassandra Fairbanks is the incredible range of tattoos she has on her body. She finds inspiration in street art. According to a 2018 tweet, she told that most of the tattoos she has on her body are inspired by graffiti.

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