A Look Into Billie Eilish Life; Her Body Measurements, And Love Life

Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish is a 20 years old American singer and songwriter. She was born on the 18th of December, 2001, in Los Angeles. She belongs to a family with music and acting background, so music is in her genes. Her parents are actors plus musicians, mother Maggie Baird and father Patrick O’Connell.

Her mother was a theater teacher, so she taught her the basics of song writing, and Eilish pursued this career by inspiring her parents. Her brother, Finneas, also followed the same profession.

She started writing songs by herself when she was 13 years old. Eilish and her brother wrote their first song in 2015, produced, and released it in the same year. Then they both keep working together on several other albums and songs.

She got publicity in 2015 when her first song, “Ocean Eyes,” was released by Darkroom. She is a well-known and teenage singer with a lot of talent, but there is a thing that keeps her suspicious among her fans: her dressing style.

What kind of dressing does Billie Eilish like?

Her dressing style has always been media attention that why she wears baggy and oversized clothes. She has her own style, and she wants to look different from everyone else. She once mentioned that she wears that kind of clothes so people cannot judge her body.

Billie Eilish dressing

But why does she need to cover her body in such style? Let us have a look on her body shape and measurements.

  • Billie Eilish has a height of 5 feet 3 inches which is around 160 cm.
  • She weighs 61 kg.
  • She wears a bra size of 34 D.
  • She has a breast size of 34 inches with a cup size E.
  • Her waist is 27 inches.
  • Hip size is 35 inches.
  • She wears a dress of 8 (US) or 38 (EU) size.
  • Her shoe size is 7 (US) or 39.5 (EU).
  • Body measurements are 34-27-35.
  • Her body is an hourglass type.

She has a pretty body shape with natural curves. She has some extra weight, but that is absolutely okay because she is still in her teens. She will maintain her body, and her measurements might change.

Why she wears baggy clothes?

In one interview, Eilish said she wears oversized and baggy clothes to avoid body shaming. She does not like her body, saying,

“I am not happy with my body.”


That is why she does not want everyone to see her.

Why Billie Eilish wears baggy clothes

Billie Eilish also does not like that everyone comments on her and her lifestyle. She said,

I mean, I am very confident in who I am, and I am very happy with my life. I am obviously not happy with my body, but who is?


She is not happy with her body, but she is still comfortable and confident and has accepted herself as she is. Instead of changing her body curvature, she has decided to keep herself covered with baggy clothes.

She also added once that,

It is ridiculous that anybody even cares about bodies at all. Like why? Why do we care?


She thinks if we will care about our body shape, then we will not be able to free ourselves and be happy in a natural way. She wants to give freedom to her body.

She was once seen in tighter clothing rather than her signature style. She was wearing a tight tank top with shorts. It was a message for all those who were commenting about her body and clothing.

Billie Eilish tighter clothing

She faced a lot of body shaming after her get up, but she did not lose hope. In fact, she encouraged her fans to normalize real bodies. In response to those photos, she said that was the reason she was in a horrible relationship with her body and that’s why she used to wear baggy clothes. But now, she is out of that situation and perfectly okay with her body and life.

Who has Billie Eilish dated ever?

Like her thoughts in other aspects of life, she has kept private her dating experiences too. She has never publicized any of her relationships. But according to sources, she was seen dating a rapper Brandon Quentin Adams, who is famous by the name “aka Q”. But they dated for one year only.

Then she was seen with Matthew Tyler Vorce, who is an actor and lives in Los Angeles. But Eilish has never spoken of him by herself. Like Eilish, Vorce is also a private person; he does not talk about his private life.

matthew tyler vorce and billie eilish dating

Eilish once told an interviewer,

“I have had relationships and kept them private, and even the ones I have had with the tiny amount that I have let the world see- I regret, she also added, I think people make their relationship public and then they break up.”


She has confessed that she had been in some relationships but she does not like them to be public as she fears of break up.

There were also rumors that Billie Eilish is dating Justin Bieber because they were often seen too close. But that is not true as they both are just close friends.

Billie Eilish and Justin Bieber

That was all about her affairs. She has not seen with any other guy publicly, and she likes to keep her love life very low-key.

Many people call her self-obsessed for being so private, but she is totally okay with that. She just does not want media and everyone to discuss her body, personal life, or love life.

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