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Most Popular Torrent Search Engines (A Complete Updated List 2021)

Most Popular Torrent Search Engines (A Complete Updated List 2021)

torrent search engines

Just like regular search engines, torrent search engines enable users to search for specific peer-to-peer files from one location or many BitTorrent sites on one website. However, when looking for torrent files, don’t use regular search engines, as they usually direct you to suspicious websites that provide malicious ads and malware. Instead, you need to use a dedicated torrent search engine for this search.

Best Tools to Search for Torrent

When you use the Internet to regularly search for specific torrent files, many search sites usually contain fake files that are full of pop-up windows, contain adware or malware, or have been closed.

Then, you may enter regional restrictions for specific sites such as The Pirate Bay, which may indicate that you must access the site from your country/region without using workarounds such as VPN.

Torrent Harvester used to be one of the preferred tools for finding torrent files from the desktop, but the tool has been discontinued for several years. However, there are still some available options that are updated from time to time, allowing you to search for more recent sites. You can try the following tools.

Bit che

Bit Che is a fast and convenient tool that can be used to explore many famous torrent sites. Although the application itself has not been updated since 2008, the script containing data about the tracker is up to date, but not brand new.

Torrent Search

Torrent Search is a very honest tool for finding torrent files and is easy to use. But it is not completely up-to-date. This does not mean that websites that cannot be searched, they may be online and accessible. Torrent Search is also suitable for newer versions of Windows, and can also be used across platforms with the available versions of Mac OSX, Solaris, BSD and Linux.

Popular Torrent Search Engines

In order to access Torrent Search, just install and run it, then type your search phrase and click Find. After a few minutes, you will receive a list of results with other information such as upload date, download size and how many seeders/getters are currently in the torrent. Right-click or double-click the selected file to download the torrent file, or load it directly into the torrent downloader.

PeerSpider is a BitTorrent search tool that allows you to view various torrent sites from one program, but it is different compared to other tools. Instead of displaying search results in the list, PeerSpider adds its own integrated web browser, and each website you add to the search is displayed with a Chrome-type browser tab, allowing you to view each search engine separately the result of.

Just like opening 20 torrent search engines in a browser at a time, they are already looking for the phrase you entered. Searching for seeds is very simple, all you have to do is to insert the search term into the “Navigation” box, and then click the “Search” button. After the search is complete, the browser will display the tags of each selected torrent site and the search results.

The Best Torrent Search Engines

There are many torrent sites, but not every site works properly, and most sites are unreliable. So, how to get a torrent repair without wasting time on a damaged and dangerous website? Don’t worry, we have some of the best torrent sites, they are working and reliable. We will also help you download the content you need faster without being damaged by hackers.

These are the top 5 torrent sites that absolutely work.

Best Torrent Site Overall

The Pirate Bay

The most famous torrent site among other sites. Avoid multiple closing and blocking of VIP/Trusted user tags, so you can understand which seed files are legal and safe.

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay has a long and uneven history, but this most popular website is still developing. It has millions of torrents that can be accessed in multiple categories, as well as magnet link help and a very simple interface, even if you are a new user, it will not cause you any problems. Its average download speed: 6.2 MB/s.

If it doesn’t work, you can use the following alternative methods:, thepiratebay. Rocks, Note: Pirate Bay’s domain rotates regularly. Now back to, the site sometimes goes offline. Fortunately, you can still access and get the always-on technology that The Pirate Bay has. Or, you can find yourself on The Pirate Bay proxy website on the Internet.

Best for New Content


  • The evolving community and seeding a lot of work load
  • The new and old seed stream movies
  • TV shows, music and other top 10 list of various parts!

RARBG has been working since 2008 and has developed a reputation for its high-quality seeds and ease of use, as well as regular new features. Unfortunately, this shows that it is not under the radar. As a result, RARBG is restricted in many countries, such as Bulgaria, Denmark, Portugal, and the United Kingdom. A VPN for torrenting can help you avoid these obstacles.

Its average download speed: 6.1 MB/s.

Best Torrent Search Options


  • Featured movies, TV shows, games and music.
  • Useful browsing features.
  • Oscar’s nominations, new episodes, and the revised database interface make the tracker more useful.

1337x can support you to get torrents, even if you don’t know what you are searching for, it is easy and has an organized interface. The website has recently undergone an overhaul, changing the layout and reducing some serious protection risks.


Now that it has become one of the most famous torrent sites in the world, Google can protect it from search results. Its average download speed: 4.2 MB/s.

Best for Anime and E-Books

Tor lock

  • Many active animations, e-books and music seeds
  • Reliable and intuitive interface
  • Top 100 seed files to encourage you to get the best content

TorLock combines many torrent files with an excellent user experience, especially when you search for high-quality anime episodes or learning materials. Some information on TorLock is difficult to see on other trackers, but you should also find the most famous seeds here. There are more than 4.8 million to choose from. Its average download speed: 4.4 MB/s.

Best for Music


A wide variety of music torrents are very comfortable to use and keep a low profile
Torrentz2 is the new monotony of the famous Torrent website. It retains the minimalist interface of the main site and pays great attention to music; it is not uncommon to notice a decade of torrenting with 20 planters.

Despite some modifications to the way the magnet link works, Torrentz2 is still an excellent alternative for enthusiasts, and it is one of the safer sites around. Its average download speed: 2.0 MB/s.

Free and Best Torrent Search Engines

Solid Torrents

Continuing our torrent search site search, SolidTorrents is a relatively new option. It is a DHT program with a cleaner interface cleaner than the other site within the list, and provides an experimental dark mode option.

Solid Torrents

So far, SolidTorrents has indexed more than 23 million seeds in different categories. It shows some of them at the top. Most importantly, you’ll also submit your own torrents to the SolidTorrents index and make an account to bookmark your favorite torrents. For example, once you start typing a query, you will immediately get suggestions. You can use the “|” (pipe) operator to separate them to search for two different queries.

AIO Search

AIO search is probably the most attractive torrent search engine on this list. It provides you with many options to find the seeds you need on the Internet. For example, you’ll manually select the torrent download site where you would like to look for a selected torrent file.

AIO Search

In addition, the drop-down option next to the search bar allows you to specifically view torrents, subtitles, images, videos, etc. It acts as a browser and displays all selected torrent sites, their default interfaces are separated by tabs. This is a useful feature, but for some users, it may become a hassle because it is defeated to some extent.

However, it depends on preference. When you type a query in the search bar, the torrent finder website will also display suggestions. Most importantly, you can log in with your Google account or create a new account to save your favorites. Overall, AIO search is a simple and effective choice to meet your various needs, so it is the best torrent search engine.


Another name in the list of the best torrent search engines is Toorgle, inspired by Google. Just like Torrentz2, there is only the Torrent column on its homepage. After checking out files using the torrent browser, you’ll sort the results by relevance and date.


From the outside, Toorgle seems a bit outdated, but this is the reason why the Torrent Finder website is portable and can load at a slower connection speed. It searched more than 450 torrent sites to find what it needed and provide the best results.

Torrent Seeker

TorrentSeeker also a powerful torrent search engine that uses a custom Google search to grab torrents from more than 100 torrent sites. The site also claims to regularly update popular torrents, the latest proxy sites, and a database of niche and language-specific resources, and its easy-to-use interface makes the torrent search process easier than ever.

However, the excellent appearance is limited to the home page. The result page is not satisfactory. In any case, it will do what it wants and find the seeds that users want. You can also sort the results based on relevance and date.


Just like the other torrent sites mentioned in this list, is a torrent aggregator. When you search for a query on this site, it will be indexed through various public torrents. What makes this website different from other sources is its minimal interface and night mode options that can soothe your eyes.

There are few elements and advertisements on the website, and file lists from various torrent downloaders (such as Rarbg, Pirate Bay, etc.) are mentioned in a simple list. You only need to click the blue link to safely download the torrent file once. There is also a.onion link on the website, so you can ensure access even if you browse on the Tor network.


When trying to find torrents you like, there is another torrent search site called Xtorx. Just like the other alternatives found in this list, Xtorx also only has a search bar on its homepage. You can get torrent search results immediately, but unfortunately there is no way to filter them out.


But this is often not necessary, because Xtorx provides search URLs for other torrent sites. This means that clicking on any result will open a new search on another torrent site.


Veoble has a black theme and ranks high among the powerful torrent search engine sites you can find on the web. Its theme is very dark, so it quickly became popular among users. It is undeniable that more and more users are looking for services with dark themes. However, one thing to remember is that it is not an HTTPS website.


Using a custom Google search, Veoble provides users with torrent search and image search options. After triggering the query, you can narrow the search scope based on the torrent site, language, etc. In addition to sorting by date and relevance, Veoble also provides image search. Image search is just Google image search, but it is a good addition. Therefore, these are some websites in 2021.

These websites will not host any torrent files themselves, but they can act as a search engine to find content from other torrent file sites. All these sites are good choices for those who want torrent search engines for PCs or who want to access them on their smartphones.

How Am I Able To Download My Torrents While Keeping Safety?

Downloading content through the BitTorrent network is very reliable because you can easily restore the torrent after a network interruption or power outage. However, as you know, your ISP or other identified users can decrypt BitTorrent downloads.

In other words, you are not anonymous on the BitTorrent network. Here, you can subscribe to one of the most popular VPN services in 2021, which can hide your IP address or encrypt the connection. This means that no redundant people will spy on your work.

Is It Illegal To Download Torrents?

Speaking of torrent downloads, by browsing torrent search engines and using torrent clients on your device, you will not do anything illegal. But if you download a torrent containing copyrighted content, you will cross the line. In fact, piracy is the reason why BitTorrent exploded so much.

Whether we agree or not, piracy has existed for a long time, even before the Internet. However, cutting costs is not the only reason people download pirated content. Here, you will be surprised to find that there are many legal Torrent sites that only host legal content.

What If A Torrent Search Engine Doesn’t Work?

There may be many reasons why you cannot access the torrent search engine website on your device. You can first try to browse it through a VPN service in case it is blocked in your area. Otherwise, the website may be offline.

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