Apple’s Self-driving Electric Car Project Could Call Georgia Home

self driving electric car

Apple is planning to manufacture its self-driving cars in collaboration with KIA motors. Apple is looking around for a partner and has discussed it with six automakers for partnership. Tatsuo Yoshida, an analyst at Bloomberg Intelligence said Japanese manufacturers and designers are too busy with their work. However, Mitsubishi Motors and Nissan motors could join Apple as they are not too busy but when asked Honda and Nissan refused to comment while Mitsubishi said they have not been contacted. It has also been reported that Apple would invest $3.6 billion as an automaker partner. In a Journal, Apple and KIA are reported to involve a multibillion-dollar investment and will use KIA’s US plant for production which will start in 2024.


 CNBC reported on Apple is finalizing a deal with KIA to produce Apple-designed products in Georgia. Kemp said it would make Georgia stronger and would lead its status in technology as Georgia already has the immense infrastructure to support shipping and transportation and Apple will take advantage by a partnership as it will save both money and time for environmental studies and approvals which need to be done for a new plant. Apple will be benefited in this way instead of making a separate manufacturing unit.

Electric vehicles will be environmentally friendly and they will bring a new future to vehicles. The need for gas and other fuel sources will be reduced.


Ford also has positive thoughts for electric vehicles and said it will invest 29 billion US dollars. Automakers are going green to save the environment as well as money.

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