Amit Raizada Entrepreneur (SBV Founder)

Amit Raizada Entrepreneur

Amit was born in the late 70s, and he’s from India. He went to us when he was just two years vintage. Amit became interested in economics and enterprise from a very young age. He constantly wanted to be an entrepreneur. He founded his company in the year 2002, and AT&T and Nextel are a number of his first customers.

Amit Raizada has labored for the portfolio of extra than 60 agencies consisting of technology, ingredients, and hospitality. He has offered hundreds of belongings, due to which his business enterprise is worth more than a thousand million greenbacks at this point.

Amit Raizada, a current companion of imaginative and prescient challenge companions and founder of Spectrum commercial enterprise Ventures, embodies the American dream that such a lot of spending their lives chasing.


A self-made, successful entrepreneur, Raizada has grown and set up corporations to the diffusion of sectors via his eye for work, diligence, and rigorous work ethics for himself. He has developed himself as perfect financing and entrepreneur via diverse ventures around the globe.

Personal life

After attending Michigan National University and studying economics, Raizada put his knowledge to properly use his leadership position inside the investments of several successful tech groups and wireless communications conglomerates.

In the latest years, he has also engaged in several industries throughout the USA and around the sector, from actual property to amusement, hospitality, and meals to esports firms.



Earlier than Raizada took on his position as a partner at imaginative and prescient task companions, he gained significant experience as a successful entrepreneur and investor through diverse organizations and business ventures.

After founding Spectrum commercial enterprise Ventures in 2002, he acted as the leader government officer.

He controlled to build the impressive portfolios of greater than 80 running organizations within the finance, electricity, retail, esports, hospitality, meals and beverage, and tech industries.


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Spectrum Enterprise

In 2006, Raizada similarly proved his versatility via his function inside the launch of Spectrum enterprise mission’s actual-property department. Utilizing focusing on the protection, acquisition, and control of multi-own family housing complexes, Spectrum commercial enterprise Ventures and its affiliates have come to own extra than 6,000 gadgets at some point in you.

amit raizada sbv

Raizada’s involvement in the sale and acquisition of several assets has yielded transaction/business enterprise values totaling within the billions. Amit discovered Spectrum Business Ventures (SBV) in 2002 to develop a company with the leading tasks and sources.


Amit has a great sense of investments and has a strategic eye toward ventures that not simplest offer tremendous long-term returns, however also improve people’s lives. Amit has financed firms that broaden groundbreaking cancer treatments, launch satellites into orbit, facilitate same-day online purchase deliveries, and offer unparalleled leisure stories.

He has helped introduce modern fashions to retail and hospitality that connect to previously untapped markets. His medicinal drug investments – from new capsules that weaponized the immune system against cancer cells to a sleeve technology that revolutionizes breathing care — go beyond mere earnings and propel the health care era into destiny.

Vision Venture

Raizada delivered his entrepreneurial pressure and spirit to his function as a companion with vision challenge companions and his position as an advisory to the board.


At vision task companions, Raizada contributed his giant abilities to the enterprising strategic improvement, investments, increase, studies, hazard mitigation, and the identity of moneymaking transactions. According to an ESPN article and interview, Echo Fox and the crew are cashing out $30.25 million greenbacks thanks to Raizada.

Raizada has a keen eye and competencies for establishing and developing groups. With each Spectrum business Ventures and imaginative and prescient venture partners, he carried out due diligence on investment opportunities to decide which of those offer the exceptional go back on funding. Due to his thorough risk mitigation, Raizada’s investments are beneficial and a hit.

People frequently surprise at the traits that lead positive individuals closer to fulfillment in an environment wherein so many others fail. Individuals like Raizada illuminate the benefits of getting enjoy and acquiring knowledge in a spread of companies.


His development in the ventures and development of work throughout time made several and varied industries has allowed Raizada to cultivate flexible information of how business investments work and grow in various financial regions.


Amit doubled down on searching for modern emerging markets from his new domestic in Miami. In his conviction that Amazon and different online outlets might induce a seismic shift in business to patron transport, Amit began investing in warehouse areas within ten minutes of many major American airports.

He sufficiently agreed that, in a bid to supply line orders faster to customers, Amazon could overstock inventory in key markets. This inventory could need to be saved somewhere – and Amit ensured that he had a stake in most of the maximum with no trouble located warehouses.


Amit has always been open to a wide variety of funding possibilities and has developed a keen interest in progressive biomedical startups. He has become an early investor in a business company that developed a particular drug that weaponizes the frame’s immune gadget in opposition to cancer, eating away tumors from the interior.

He also invested in some other biomedical engineering company that designed a progressive sinus dilation sleeve that converted the way ear, nose, and throat doctors treat sinus-associated ailments.

Amit has prolonged his dedication to cutting-edge technology beyond the medical subject, too. Always centered on the purchaser of the destiny, Amit partnered with an agency that launches verbal exchange and army satellites into low-Earth orbit.


Amit learned from his very early ventures in wireless verbal exchange that the technologies that seem like technological know-how fiction nowadays could be mainstream the following day.

Therein lies the coronary heart of Amit’s funding philosophy: accept quick-term risks for a long-term return. It consists of Card Compliant tasks, an innovative and constantly worthwhile business enterprise that allows shops to manipulate their present card applications while ensuring compliance with complicated and ever-converting regulatory necessities across geographies.

Amit invested in a very vast range of companies aimed at the client’s destiny, an astute observer of changing market traits and young people’s particular options.


He led SBV into a series of eating place ventures that cater to the fitness-focused dietary alternatives of Millennials and era Z. these establishments usually offer easily swapped out proteins for vegan options, as well as low-carb and coffee-fat gadgets.

They maintain smooth, properly-lit, excessive-strength surroundings – which Gen Z tends to gravitate towards.

And he invested inside these days created a hashish marketplace. Amit intently accompanied marijuana’s march to national legality. He understood that each new state that sanctioned its use might cause several new industries hungry for capital.


Regardless of marijuana, Amit filtered those ventures through the lens of his funding techniques: investments that focus on younger purchasers and modern-day markets. For the previous, he put his capital behind the suitable for eating marijuana industry. Concerned, the marijuana industry had already reached a point of saturation.

Amit began seeking secondary markets emerging within the marijuana industry, leading him to put money into marijuana real property. Amit invested in one-stop marijuana campuses on which manufacturers can develop and domesticate the product, open dispensaries, and even promote accessories.

Despite this string of successes, Amit still felt that something changed into missing. That’s while Amit decided to dedicate a considerable amount of time and resources to philanthropy.



He launched the Amit Raizada foundation in 2017 and has seen that donated to limitless worthwhile troubles together with low-cost housing, healthcare, and network development.

In 2020, Amit decided to improve his philanthropic impact by utilizing the same lengthy-time strategic technique that made his investing profession successful.

He has devoted himself to transforming his charitable giving and now supports progressive institutions, groups, and packages that might create lasting social impact.


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Interesting facts about Amit Raizada

  • Amit Raizada changed into born inside the overdue 70s, and he’s at first from New Delhi, the capital of India.
  • In 2020, his age lay somewhere within the 40s as the precise delivery date isn’t available on the internet.
  • Amit went to India’s USA with his complete family while he was simply two years of age.
  • He is an American national but comes from an Indian ethnic background.
  • Amit founded the Spectrum commercial enterprise mission within the yr. 2002, and he’s chargeable for every boom of the enterprise.
  • To this point, there’s no committed Wikipedia page of Amit, but his records are available on diverse other assets.
  • Currently, he lives in New York town with his spouse, whose records are in the limelight.
  • The exact internet worth of Raizada isn’t always available, but his enterprise is worth one thousand million dollars USD.


Amit Raizada, a modern associate of imaginative and prescient project companions and founding father of Spectrum business enterprise Ventures, embodies the American dream that such a lot of spending their lives chasing.

A self-made fulfillment entrepreneur, Raizada has grown and set up agencies in a spread of sectors via his ingenuity, diligence, and unrelenting work ethic. He has just developed such sense to make a name for himself in a world of financing and funding thru diverse ventures worldwide.


He has created endless opportunities and tends to provide them to the most skilled and interested in them. His eye for every gem has made him at the place he is at entrepreneurial skills developed him as one of the most fantastic philanthropists.

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