Who is Amarjeet Sada? & How this 8-Year-Old Became the Youngest Serial Killer in the World

Amarjeet Sada

Amarjeet Sada was born in 1998, originally from Begusarai in Bihar. The family later moved to Mushahari. Amarjeet Sada is known as the youngest killer in history. He belongs to India, and when he was caught as a killer, he was only eight years.

The life of Amarjeet Sada is spent in poverty due to family circumstances. His father was a poor farmer. 


In the history of crimes, thousands of serial killers and murderers shocked the world by their murders and kidnapping activities. But during 2007, the world saw a new face of a serial killer who made everyone shocked and hurt.

An investigative team in Bihar studied the bizarre case of a 10-year-old boy who allegedly killed four under-a-year-old children.

People and police in the Begusarai district’s Musahari village were sleepless for nights due to the case of Amarjeet Sada. Initially, at the start of the investigation, police did not believe that an eight-year-old boy can be a killer.

Amarjeet Sada

But as the villagers explained the truth, the police also became shocked to know that this innocent face has a hidden cruel personality. Upon the investigation, Amarjeet confessed his crimes and explained how he had done a series of murders in the village.

Khushboo, a six-month-old baby found buried in the town, was his last reported victim. During the investigation, the baby’s mother, Chunchun Devi, told police that she had left her baby sleeping in the primary school. The baby was missing when she returned after a while. So a search was initiated to find the baby.

When the villagers could not find the baby, Amarjeet told the villagers that he strangled the baby. He also took the villagers to the spot where he killed and buried the baby a few hours ago.

The villagers then called the police for an investigation of the case. When the young boy was taken to the station, he continuously stared at the officers with an icy gaze. After the boy, Amarjeet, was arrested, the police presented him in court. 

According to the laws of India, he was ordered to be sent into the children’s home until he becomes 18.


The crimes of Amarjeet were known to some family members but were considered

“family matters,” told Amarjeet’s uncle.

Neither they took him to the doctor to check his mental state. During the investigation, when the officer asked him how he committed such murders, he smiled and said he is hungry and need something to eat.

The police gave him some biscuits to eat. After eating them, he told the police that he took the babies to an empty area (fields) and hit their faces with heavy bricks. He kept on hitting their faces until they died. After confirming that the bodies are not breathing anymore, he covered them with leaves and mud.

Amrjeet had similarly murdered the three infants. It was the first time the police had heard about such an incident. Even looking at his face made many of them feel scared. He was referred to a psychiatrist after being examined by policemen.

The media also published Amarjeet’s real name and photos despite him being a minor. The police took precautionary steps by following the psychiatrist’s diagnosis that

“Amarjeet is a dangerous killer with a mental disorder”


As a result of his investigation, the police were ordered to put Amarjeet in a juvenile home. 

In the juvenile home, he was placed in solitary confinement without contact with the other children. Amarjeet’s doctor, who treated him during the case, said that he has a mental disorder in which a person is known as a “sadist.”

In this disease, the person usually finds happiness in torturing and hurting others. While his doctors suggested that if he is given proper treatment and therapies.

During his time at a juvenile, he was given medical treatment with therapies and constellation so that he can become a good and harmless person for society.

Amarjeet Sada Disorder:

In Sada’s case, he was diagnosed with a behavior disorder, which prevented him from understanding right from wrong. He also enjoyed torturing others as he was reported to be a sadist.

The juvenile laws of India, however, prevented him from being charged with a crime. To treat him for his disorder, the most significant punishment was the requirement for him to spend time in a children’s home until he was eighteen.

In 2016, a false name was used to discharge him from the house, and he is currently unknown, and nobody knows where he is now.

Where is he now?

In 2016, Amarjeet Sada was released on his eighteenth birthday. Currently, he is twenty-two years old. But after release, nobody knows where he went and where he is.

Maybe after releasing the sentence, he is spending an everyday life somewhere in India or another country. But it is also the possibility that perhaps he continues with his crimes again like before. But to the media and public, there are no clear reports about Amarjeet.

Final Words:

Amarjeet Sada was regarded as an exceptional case by the international community. Because of him, many families lost their poor innocent babies. According to all the scenarios, Amarjeet’s family did more wrong than him. He should be taken to the doctor for treatment to find out about his mental health.

The problem is that they hide everything, which lead to the loss of many loved ones. Moreover, the family case became more complex for his family when Amarjeet tried to kill his sister.

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