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Adesua Etomi-Wellington – Biography, Career & Life

Adesua Etomi-Wellington – Biography, Career & Life

Adesua Etomi-Wellington

Quick Facts

  • Born: February 22, 1988 (age 32 years) in Owerri Nigeria. 
  • Spouse: Banky W. (married in 2017)
  • Parents: Eniiwaju Etomi
  • Education: University of Wolverhampton 2006 and Coventry College in 2004.

Adesua Etomi-Wellington is a Nigerian actress. In 2014, she starred in the first feature film “Knocking on Heaven’s Door”. She won the 2016 African Magic Audience’s Choice Award for Best Actress for her role in the 2015 romantic drama film “Falling”

Early life and Education:-

Several major sources have cited her birth year as 1988.  In addition, Answers Africa published an article in March 2016 stating that she was 30 years old. 

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Her father is a soldier of Esan origin, and her mother is an engineer of Yoruba origin. She is the youngest one in her siblings. She studied at Corona School and she joined the drama club when she was at the age of seven. After that, she studied at Queen’s University in Lagos, and then moved to the UK at the age of 13. Etomi later received a diploma in “Physical Theatre, Musical Theatre and Performing Arts” from Coventry Metropolitan University in 2004.

Adesua Etomi-Wellington is a Nigerian actress

After completing these courses with three honors in 2006, she studied drama and acting at the University of Wolverhampton and received first-class honors.


Etomi’s film works include “Arbitration”, “Wedding Party” and “The Fall.” Her performance in “The Fall” won her the 2016 African Magic Audience Award for Best Drama. Other famous films she starred in include “A Soldier’s Story” (2015), “Out of Luck” (2015) and “Couple of Days” (2016). Etomi played Shiela in the fourth and fifth seasons of the TV series “Shuga”, a TV series about AIDS prevention.

Etomi started starring in the secret police Amaka Obiora in Yemisi Wada’s crime series LasGidi Cops, which made its television debut in June 2016. She was also selected as 14 global superstars of Vogue.

Personal life:-

Etomi was engaged to Banky W in February 2017. The couple held a traditional marriage on November 19, a court wedding on November 20, and a white wedding on November 25, 2017; the latter ceremony was held in Cape Town, South Africa.

Recent films:-

  • Muna in 2019
  • Sugar rush in 2019
  • King of boys in 2018
  • Up north in 2018
  • 10 days in sun city in 2017


In 2014, Adesua Etomi won the Most Promising Actress in the Academy of Film Awards. She also won the Best New Actress at the Academy Awards and the Best Supporting Actress at the Best Nollywood Award.In 2015, Adesua Etomi (Adesua Etomi) won five awards, including the golden actress who played the leading role in the Golden Movie Awards, the best new actress in the City People’s Entertainment Awards, and the Golden Statue Won the best actress in the Film Academy Awards, and won the Female Audience Choice Award in the Golden Image Organization. 

Actress of the Year at the Icon Film Academy Awards and Lady of the Year Awards.In 2016, Adesua Etomi also won five awards, including Best Actress in a Drama in the African Audience Choice Awards, Best Actress in the African Film Academy Awards, and Best Actress in the Golden Film Awards , The best actress of the year. Ladies of the Year Award and Nigeria Entertainment Award for Best Actress.

Adesua Etomi net worth:-

Adesua Etomi’s current net worth is estimated to be over US$1.2 million, making her one of the richest and most influential actresses in Nigeria.

7 things you didn’t know about her:-

Plans to open an orphanage home:-

It is common for celebrities to set up foundations in society to help disadvantaged groups. Etomi believes that she will be the mother of many children. In an exclusive interview with The Guardian in 2017, she revealed that she will build an orphanage within 10 years.

“At some point, my ten-year plan, maybe even less, is to open an orphanage, I love children and I am very passionate about people and children that need help, so I feel like I am going to be a mum to many.”

Quit job in UK for nollywood:-

The list of celebrities who have left their successful 9-5 jobs to pursue the passion of the world is endless. She left the UK to work in Nigeria to pursue her dream. She said in an interview: “I can’t explain this. I think I have to go back to Nigeria. ”Well, for her fans, that might be one of the best decisions she made in her life.

First class graduate:-

If Etomi were to apply for a job in any production company, her job search experience would surely surprise the interview panel. In 2004, she won the “Physical Theater, Music Theater and Performing Arts Award from Coventry City College ”diploma. After completing these courses with three distinctions in 2006, she studied drama and acting at the University of Wolverhampton and received first-class honors.

A former ballet and gymnastics student:-

The actress said that she had taken ballet and gymnastics classes at school. In 2017, Etomi said in an interview that she hoped she would take these classes more seriously. Who knows… Maybe she will represent the country in Olympic Games.

Voice-over artist:-

We are sure that many people will not realize that AMVCA champions are also voice-over artists. She has worked with a number of multinational companies and brands, using her dubbing expertise…More money in the bank!

She sang in the church choir for 10 years:-

It is safe to say that Etomi is not only good at craftsmanship, but also a versatile celebrity. There is no doubt that this gorgeous actress has a very soothing voice because we have seen her perform with her husband Banky W.

Interestingly, Etomi’s musical talent does not only begin to sing at her tender age. According to her, she sang in the church choir for ten years.

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