SEO In-Guk Early Life, Career And Personal Life

SEO In-Guk

Seo In-Guk was born on October 23, 1987. He is a South Korean singer, singer, and actor. After winning the talent reality show “Superstar K” in 2009, he started his singing career and achieved an acting breakthrough in Reply 1997 (2012).

Since then, he has appeared in the TV series “The King of High School Smart” (2014), “Monster” (2015), “Team 38” (2016), “Shopping King Louis” (2016), and smile has kept your eyes” (2018).

Early life

Seo In-Guk was born in Ulsan on October 23, 1987. He grew up in a relatively low environment. His mother is a collector of recyclables, and his father is a welder. He has a younger sister.


Seo In-Guk was trained as a wrestler, studied boxing and mixed martial arts in school, and was second in Hapkido. After being inspired by the Korean rock musician Kim Jong Min, he decided to become a singer at 10.

SEO In Guk

He performed at family gatherings and school events, then studied applied music at Big Buddha University and auditioned at entertainment institutions. After being repeatedly rejected and told to lose weight, he struggled with bulimia for a while.


2009–2012: Superstar K and Reply 1997

In 2009, Seo In-Guk participated in the Mnet singing competition Superstar K and won the show’s first season. The subsequent focus was on busy recordings, photoshoots, interviews, TV appearances, and singles and albums on the top of the charts. [6] Seo In-Guk also faces negative media attention consequences, including rumors that cosmetic surgery and “cold shoulder” treatments from the three major TV networks in South Korea are his cable stars.


Seo In Guk participated in the performance of the jukebox musical “Gwanghwamun Love Song” (Gwanghwamun Love Song) in 2012 and played a supporting role in KBS’s “Love Rain,” where he appeared in his screen performance. He also signed a contract with the Japanese agent Irvine Entertainment.

Later that year, he played his first protagonist in the 90s nostalgic hit “Response 1997” on the cable TV channel tvN. Seo Ruien (Seo) portrays a teenage boy who loves nothing with his childhood best friend, which has won unanimous praise from audiences and critics.

He also recorded two singles for the soundtrack (with co-starring Jung Eun Ji duet), of which “All For You” became one of the best-selling singles of the year on Gaon Single Chart. Soon after that, he appeared in MBC’s weekend TV series “Sons” (also known as Rascal Sons).


2013–2015: Japanese debut and return to acting

Seo In Guk participated in the newly launched live-action/variety show “I Live Alone” from January 2013 to June 2013. In April 2013, he returned to the music industry with the single “Laughter and Tears,” which was the first affectionate ballad on his record. A few weeks later, the song released the single “Fly Away” after his Japanese concert.

In June 2013, he was an actor in the TV series “Master’s Sun” written by Hong Kong sisters Hong. He played a former soldier who served in the Zaytun district and later became the shopping mall company’s security chief. In October 2013, he starred in his first big-screen protagonist in “No Breathing,” an adult film about two swimming rivals, Lee Jong Suk and Kwon Yuri.

Then he played a dual role in another film, “Another Parting,” a five-episode miniseries about a man and a woman meeting at the last moments of their lives and having a special day. The show was produced by LOEN Entertainment and premiered on February 17, 2014, on Drama cube, a cable TV channel under the Taekwondo Group (also broadcast on BTV and YouTube).


In 2014 he released his first Japanese album called Everlasting. The album also includes a new track called “Everlasting Love,” with 12 tracks. The album is ranked 9th on the Oricon daily chart. Seo In Guk subsequently won the “Best Three New Artists in Asia” award at the Japan Golden Record Awards.

In the same year, Seo In Guk starred in another romantic comedy series, the king of high school “Savvy,” in which he played a high school student and hockey player when he was forced to replace his brother as IT director, living a double life. Later that year, he starred in his first drama, “The King’s Face,” playing the illegitimate son Crown Prince Guang Hai, who became his father King Shanzu’s rival in politics and love.

Seo In Guk joined the SBS variety show “Law of the Jungle” from March to May 2015 to participate in the Indochina season. He was then selected as a genius character in the police program/romantic series “Hello Monster,” which premiered on KBS2 in June 2015. [38] Later that year, with other artists, he participated in Jellyfish Entertainment’s collaboration track “Love In The Air” and participated on the album “Jelly Christmas 2015”.


2016–present: Acclaim

Seo In Guk joined the Mongolian season of the show for the second time in 2016, becoming the jungle’s law. He also starred in OCN’s workplace drama “Squad 38”, acting as a professional liar. This TV series became the TV series with the highest ratings on OCN. Seo Ruiying won a special award or his role at the 11th Asian TV Drama Conference. He then starred in MBC’s romantic comedy Shopaholic Louis.

On August 7, Seo In Guk announced his contract with BS Company. In 2018, Seo In Guk appeared in the 2002 Japanese TV series Sora Kara Furu Ichioku no Hoshi’s “Smile Has Left Your Eyes.” In 2019, Seo played in Yoo Ha, The crime thriller “Pipeline.”

Personal life

Military duty exemption

In February 2017, Seo announced his official enlistment date, which will be held on March 28. He had previously postponed his enlistment twice, starting in March 2015, and given his terms. Neither the media nor his management company said whether he received treatment.


But he has passed the physical examination. According to reports, he will quietly enter the two-year military service without media coverage. Seo chose to release the music video of his song “Better Together” and write it to fans. The video was posted on YouTube on March 26, 2017.

However, Seo was removed from military service only four days after enlisting due to a fractured ankle. He planned to undergo a medical examination to determine if he is fit to return to the army. His institution released his medical examination results, which showed that SEO was diagnosed with osteochondritis dissociative, bone, and cartilage diseases.

He was subsequently declared a health level 5 and was therefore exempt from military service.



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