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palentines day

Do you think 14th is the only date in February for a hangout? Or February is the month for only couples? Well, it’s not the case. We will introduce you to another day in February, one day before Valentine’s Day and its “Palentine’s Day,” the friend’s day.

Palentines Day, celebrated on February 13, is the day for friends.

As February starts, every couple starts preparation for it to arrange some kind of surprises, gifts, and parties for their partners, but singles consider February boring. Palentines Day is the day for all those individuals who have great friends in their lives but are not in any romantic relationship.

Most people don’t have such kind of partners to celebrate Valentine’s Day or don’t consider it worth celebrating.  They might feel more comfortable making new friends than being in a romantic relationship, and this day is just for them.


They can hang out, go for a picnic, can have a party, can give surprises to their friends, or can celebrate in any way they want it to be celebrated.

To whom can you celebrate?

Unlike Valentine’s Day that is specific for only one kind of partner, Palentines Day is not the same. You can celebrate with any of your friends with whom you feel friendly and comfortable. It can be your 

  • Classmate
  • Family member
  • From neighborhood
  • Childhood friend
  • Any relative
  • Any co-worker
  • Or even your sibling

Palentines Day has no restrictions.

This day is for all the meaningful persons in your life, your chosen ones. The day is not for only one kind of love but every type of love in your life.


How to celebrate it?

Unlike Valentine’s Day you don’t need romantic candle night dinners or other arrangements. It can be celebrated in a lot of ways. Here are some ideas:

  • Arrange a tea party at home 
  • Enjoy karaoke. Clubs and bars allow you to sing in a microphone for entertainment purposes.
  • Go out for lunch or dinner
  • Can play many friendly games together. Games can be inside or outside just as you like.
  • Enjoy buffet together
  • Play truth or dare and dare your friends with the most desired things you want them to do.
  • Watch movies together

Or celebrate the way you like whatever you want to do.

It is said that 


Friends are the therapists who can change your mood in seconds, who can listen to you for hours, and with whom you are always ready to hang out.

A friend is a person who knows you in and out, who knows you more than everyone else, and everyone wants to spend time with their friends. So indeed this day is an excellent opportunity to enjoy yourself with your friends. This day is the tribute to friendship, so why not take full advantage.

Some people consider Palentine’s Day for only male friendships, while some say it is the friendship day regardless of gender. 


There is no need for expensive gifts. The best gift you can give someone is your time, so reconnect with friends, talk, and listen to them. Spending time with friends is the best therapy, but gift choice is all yours. You can make cupcakes for them or friendship cards. The point is it doesn’t need special arrangements like Valentine’s Day. 


The day is for Platonic soul mates, and you make it little fun; you can ask or invite your friends as:

“Will you be my Palentine”

They will surely like it.

Even if you are in a relationship, why not give your friends one day before Valentine’s Day. 


Why celebrate Palentine’s Day?

It highlights the importance of friendship and makes your friends realize how important they are to you. You can make them know that they are meaningful to you; you care for them and want to spend time with them. It will make your friendship more robust and will also give you some break from your routine work.

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