Things you Need to Know About Nikki Amuka

Nikki Amuka

Nikki Amuka-Bird  is a Nigerian-born in 1976. She is a British actress in tv, film and stage.

Early life

Amuka-Bird was born in the Delta of Nigeria, where her father still lives. She left there with her mother since she was a child and grew up in England, Lagos and Antigua. While studying at a boarding school in the UK, Amuka-Bird initially wanted to become a dancer. That ambition was frustrated by injury:

“I hurt my back and at that point was deciding what to do university-wise and I thought I would try for drama college because I knew you could do some dancing there, but it didn’t have to take over everything. It was only really when I went to drama college that that world [acting] opened up to me and I fell in love with it and became obsessed like everybody else”.

She went to the London School of Music and Dramatic Arts (LAMDA) and then performed in the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC).

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Amuka-Bird’s theatrical performances include “Welcome to Thebes” (National Theatre); the twelfth night (Bristol Old Vic), she played the viola Nominated for the 2004 Ian Chalson Award); World Music (The Crucible Theatre, Sheffield and Tangma Warehouse); Top Girl (Oxford Stage Company); A Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Storm and the Servant of Two Masters (RSC); Doubt: A Fable (Tricycle Theater).

Her film works include “Omen” (remake in 2006), “Cargo”, “Almost Heaven” and the screen adaptation of Alexander McCall Smith’s novel “The First Lady Detective Agency”. On TV, Amuka-Bird appeared in “Ghost”, “Beautiful Line”, “The Last Enemy”, “Robin Hood”, and “Torch Wood”. In 2010, she starred in Det. Support Gaynor Jenkins in BBC’s “Silent Witness”.

On Christmas Day 2017, she was heard as a glass woman in the Doctor’s Christmas special “Once and Twice” broadcast on BBC One. She currently plays 5 in Judd Mission Control Supervisor Rav Mulclair on HBO Avenue.


Personal life

She married actor Geoffrey Streatfeild from 2003 to 2010.


  • A private war in 2018
  • The laundromat in 2018
  • The personal history of david Copperfield in 2019.

Things you don’t know about her

Nikki Amuka-Bird has 20 years of acting experience and is no stranger to this industry. She is a star in the stage, TV and film industries. For the past two decades, she has been one of the most reliable actresses in the UK and has even won the reputation of BAFTA in the process. By 2020, she will deliver these items again as part of the cast of Armando Iannucci’s new HBO sci-fi comedy “Fifth Avenue.” Learn more about the actress through these ten little facts.

She married (and divorced) her co-star

Amuka-Bird is not the only famous name in the family. In 2003, the actresses met during a RSC tour in Japan and later married another dramatist, Geoffrey Streatfeild. Streatfeild is a member of the historic Streatfeild family who helped shape Sussex, Surrey and Kent in the 17th and 18th centuries. After 7 years of marriage, the couple announced their divorce in 2010.


She was born in Nigeria

Amuka-Bird was born in Nigeria to Patricia and Sam, both of whom were journalists at the time. After spending her childhood in Lagos, when her parents separated, the actress left Africa with her mother. From there, she stayed in London for a few years before moving to Antigua when she was nine years old. Having difficulty adapting to the new environment, the actress asked to go to a boarding school in the UK and spent the rest of her childhood. She wandered between her mother in Antigua and the school in England.

She dreamed of being a dancer

Despite her success as an actress, her ambitions as a child have completely different ambitions. The actress’s original goal was to become a dancer, and this ambition emerged when the injury forced her to reconsider her plans.

Her TV debut was on Holby City

After graduating from the London School of Music and Dramatic Arts (LAMDA), Amuka-Bird made his first television appearance in the British medical drama “Hoolby City”.

Nikki Amuka Holby City

Although the appearance is fleeting, it at least functions as a door. Since then, the actress has worked in such as Canterbury Story (2003), “Murder Prevention” (2004), “Ghosts” (2006), Robin Hood (2006), Sinbad (2012) and “House of Fools” Enjoyed a guest performance in programs such as. (2014) and “Doctor Who” (2017).

She toured with the RSC

In addition to taking the road to success in television and film, Amuka-Bird also enjoys a rich career on stage. After graduating from LAMDA, she toured with the Royal Shakespeare Company (Royal Shakespeare Company) for her performances in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, “The Tempest”, “Servants of Two Masters” and “Twelve Nights” Won a reputation and it had multiple award nomination. Although she has left RSC, she still performs regularly on stage. Some of her most famous achievements include “Doubt: A Fable”, “Welcome to the Bis” and “World Music.”

She’s won a BAFTA

In 2016, the BBC announced that it had combined Amuka-Bird and Phoebe Fox in Zadie Smith’s critically acclaimed novel NW. Amuka-Bird’s portrayal of Natalie’s central character attracted audiences and critics, and was awarded the BAFTA Best Actress by the British Academy of Film and Television.


Avenue 5 is her second collaboration with Armando Iannucci

Amuka-Bird and Glasgow director Amuka-Bird seem to have established a connection, at least if her two recent projects have yet to be developed. “Fifth Avenue” and “The Personal History of David Copperfield” are both directed by Iannucci. Amuka-Bird as the star-actress is very satisfied. “(Armando Iannucci) saw the potential you didn’t know you had,” she shared with The Standard. “To be honest, I never thought I could do this. But he asked me if I wanted to come to play. Now I think: what else can I push myself to do? I am very grateful to Arm. He is a game changer for me.

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