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Jason Bateman

With a net worth of $30 million, Jason Bateman has it all. He is not just an actor but a producer and a director. And it comes to your mind that he is probably not the sexiest man alive.

Well, you hold on to that thought and watch him on the Jimmy Kimmel show. He is definitely not the sexiest But he is the most subtly funny guy in the show business. That show will make you think, man that guy is so underrated.

Early life

Jason was born in New York after his birth their parents relocated to Utah. Jason Bateman is the son of an Air hostess; Victoria Elizabeth, and an Actor; Kent Bateman. His father was not just an actor but was also a writer, producer, and director.


So by judging the situation with his father and mother we can say that being in the show business was in his blood. His older sister can also be seen on the silver screen; Justine Bateman.

Academic loss:

According to Jason’s interview with Weird magazine, He never actually finished high school and never completed his diploma because he was filming for The Teen Wolf; one of the series he starred in.

He and his sister Justine used to support their parents financially with the paychecks, that they earned by working for the TV and cinema.


Starting from Blue screen

Jason started his acting career by appearing on the Blue screen aka TV. He started by playing a role in a cereal commercial that were Golden Grahams. Then he worked in his very first TV show called Little House on the Prairie.

After that, he appeared on many of the famous TV shows as a supporting actor. For instance, he was cast in the Silver spoon and Knight Rider.

But those supporting roles treated him well because, based on his dedication to his character, he got to star in his own show on NBC called It’s your move. He also started with the Burt Reynolds game show called Win, Lose or Draw.


He wasn’t just good at his job he was great and from the beginning. He was awarded as a teen idol because he was the youngest director in the world. He was 18 when he directed some episodes of a TV series called The Hogan family.

Breakthrough in the silver screen

After this award and his mind-numbing performance on a motion picture called The Teen wolf, he was recognized by the whole wide world. And if you just think about it, it was big. He achieved something at a very small age which most senior actors tend to achieve at the end of their careers.

After working on dozens of TV series he started to show up on the big screen. The very first time when he showed up on the big screen was in Dodge ball: A true underdog story.


After that between 2004 and 2018, he managed to win out hearts in every movie he worked on.  Some of the famous movies that he starred in include Smoking Aces, Hancock, Couples Retreat., Horrible Bosses (A must watch), and the Change up.

You will usually catch him in the top-notch comedies ad man everybody loves him in those; Horrible Bosses and This is Where I leave you.

He also played a pretty important role in the kid’s mania that when he did a voice-over of the con fox Nick Wilde in the animated movie Zootopia.



After all this some of his best work you would think that did he ever won something called an award or am I just bluffing. Well, he sure did.

He won an award for the best comedic actor that was San Diego Film Critics Society Awards and also the Critics choice award. For those who don’t know these awards are a pretty big deal.

It’s not only those but he also won the Golden Globe award & Satellite Award for being the best television actor in a musical comedy. He also won Screen Actor Guild Award.


So to sum it up he is one of the best actors with a really wild choice in films and TV shows humor wise.

Bateman; The adult we all need

The actor who got his Fame star on the Hollywood walk of fame is one of the adults we all need and here is when the obsession started.

Most of his characters on the TV shows and movies were of a person that everybody fantasizes about. A man, that has always got your back. Give you a heads up when you are down and care for you even when you don’t notice him behind your troublesome path right?


 Well after Barak Obama and Tom Hanks, Batsman is definitely 3rd in line. His characters and persona seem to have this nature of becoming a better person for everyone. A person that everyone will require in 2020 and it should be a must-have trait for our New Year resolution too.

What’s up with the Monkey and Bateman:

Well, apparently in during his SNL hosting gig, they starred a chimpanzee which was really not helping in making the show look great. The Monkey was trying to bite off the face of the actors that had to work with them.

One of those actors who had to work with the monkey was Jason Bateman and the monkey tried to bite his face too.


This incident surged a great laugh among the behind-the-camera audience and we came to know about it when Jason joked about it on a show and thankfully he was backed up by the camera footage of that incident. According to Jason and I quote, ‘the monkey didn’t like that Humans have faces and he wanted to rip em off”.

Jason is one of the most modestly funny, I don’t even know if that’s a word but yeah if it was, Jason Bateman would be the king of that community I assure you of that.

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