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Canadian Successful Entrepreneur Dan Lok (Motivating Story)

Canadian Successful Entrepreneur Dan Lok (Motivating Story)

Dan Lok
  • Age : 39 Years
  • Nick name : Asian Dragon
  • Father : M. Lok
  • Siblings : No siblings
  • Birth Date : 1981-08-24
  • Place of birth : Hong Kong
  • Birth Nation : China
  • Nationality : Chinese-Canadian
  • Gender : Male
  • Profession : Entrepreneur
  • Famous For : Motivational Speaker
  • Religion : Buddhism
  • Horoscope : Sagittarius
  • College : Douglas College
  • Education : Bachelor’s Degree
  • Height : 1.7 m (5 ft 7 in)
  • Weight : 154 lbs (70 kg)
  • Marital Status : Married
  • Wife : Jennie Li
  • Net Worth : $80 Million Approx.

Dan Lok is a Canadian Chinese entrepreneur, business trainer, writer, motivational speaker, businessman, YouTuber, mentor, marketer, and consultant. Asian Dragon was born in Hong Kong, China on November 24, 1981.

Dan lok Family

Dan Lok attended high school in Vancouver. After graduating from high school, he graduated from Douglas College in New Westminster, Canada. Dan dreamed of becoming a businessman since he was a child. Dan and his mother immigrated to Canada when they were 14.

However, his father Yue Guo decided to stay in Hong Kong. Dan is the only child of his parents. After he came to the new place, he didn’t know much about English, but he studied English wholeheartedly and learned English within 6 months. It is said that he was bullied at school while he was in school.

He faced a very difficult situation when he was young. His parents divorced in 1997 and his father filed for bankruptcy. He was raised by his mother, and he loved her very much.

Dan lok Career

In the first days, he was engaged in the delivery of newspapers, washing clothes, and also engaged in part-time work to make a living. Dan failed 14 businesses and became a successful businessman. Later, he decided to set up his own single-person advertising company and achieved success.

Later, he founded many companies, such as Quick Turn Marketing International, Ltd. In 2003, the founder of Inner Circle, in 2008, he co-founded Charm Junction Jewelry in Vancouver and Emperor Group in British Columbia. He is also the CEO and founder of a certificate program called “High Ticket Closer”.

As the author, Dan Le published “Creativity sucks!” “, “The Touch of Midas”, “Sell”, “Influence”, “The Art of War in the New Millennium”, “Outstanding Canadian Performers” and other books.

He is also an inspirational speaker and consultant, and he often produces YouTube videos in which he talks about making money and marketing. His speech was very straightforward and provided very important skills related to marketing and career building.

Dan Lok Personal Life

Dan started dating “Jennie LI” in 2007, when her girlfriend was working in a karaoke establishment, and a few years later they decided to get married. However, we do not have much information about children.

Dan Lok Net Worth

dan lok net worth

Dan’s estimated net worth is said to be approximately $80 million.

Things You Didn’t Know About Dan lok

He is a Successful Public Speaker

Although this situation is becoming more and more common, not all successful entrepreneurs and investors feel that this stage is appropriate. Personally, the stage is a place for me to escape reality and share myself with the world.

Dan Le is also comforted by being on the stage with thousands of people and sharing his wealth of knowledge in business and finance. He has become one of the world’s leading motivational and informative speakers.

He Has Mastered the High-Ticket Sale

As a person who has conducted various business activities on the Internet, I can tell you that one of the most difficult things is to continue to sell high-priced goods. Tang Le has become so good in this respect that he is called the “king of high-priced sales”.

I’m not sure I will call him king. There are beasts there, such as Frank Kern and Russel Brunson, to name a few. However, Tang is definitely one of the top players in this field.

A Top Global Consultant

When it comes to building a 7-digit digital empire through high-priced items, Tang is one of the most popular consultants in the world. You can say that Tang is one of the lucky ones who worked hard, became rich, and now get paid for being rich.

In other words, Tang got a lot of money and told people how to do what he did. Can it get better?

He has a Rags to Riches Story

Those who know me know that I spend a lot of time researching successful people. However, I only study those who start at or near the bottom. This is because I cannot connect with someone who has a silver spoon in his mouth.

Once, this very successful businessman fell into a heavy debt, but he decided to take the necessary steps to change his destiny, and he did not look back.

Moved From China to Canada When He Was 14

When he was born in China, Dan’s parents decided to move when he was a teenager. He and his family moved to Canada when they were 14 years old, hoping to start a new life. It is conceivable that this teenager had a certain impact on culture.

His father went bankrupt while in Hong Kong, and he and his mother lived in a small bedroom apartment. Hardly passed by. But the situation got worse.

His Mother and Father Divorced

Because his father stayed in Hong Kong and experienced financial difficulties, Dan and his mother were forced to live alone. This is not an easy task.

His father was unable to send money, and Dan’s mother had limited skills, limiting her earning potential.

He Failed 13 Times Before His First Success

The way the media presents successful people make people believe that they have been successful all the time or that they have something special about them that no one else has. Dan admitted to failing in 13 companies before finally succeeding.

Dan Lok is a Canadian Chinese entrepreneur, business trainer, writer, motivational speaker, businessman, YouTuber, mentor, marketer, and consultant. He is popular for his motivational videos on YouTube.

Dan Lok Believes in the Power of Mentorship

Dan not only mentored others, but also admitted that his life changed the day he met with the business mentor. He said that his mentor taught him everything from marketing and branding concepts to copywriting.

It is the firm support and guidance of his mentor that makes him confident and can consolidate his success.

He Warns Against Unrealistic Expectations

Dan believes that one of the main reasons why so many people fail is their unrealistic expectations. Personally, I hate the word “unrealistic”, which almost means “impossible” and “impossible”, but I definitely know where it comes from. People tend to see the success of others without considering the time, energy and energy invested by others.

He Regrets about his Moments of Desperation

Dan said that if he could change everything in his past, he would not start all stupid business efforts and eventually end in failure. He said that he entered those adventures desperately and was doomed to their failure from the beginning. He is not saying that you should act urgently, but despair will make you try anything.

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