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Kevin Costner

Kevin Costner is an American actor, film producer, and director. With Social followers above 4.5 million, Kevin is definitely the old chick of the new world.

Kevin, 65, is totally a family guy who prioritizes his family over his career. To know how he jumped into the film industry keeps reading:

Early life

Growing up in Compton, California, Kevin Compson has raised a Baptist. As he was the youngest of 3 brothers, it’s quite definite that he was the favorite one.

Academia wise he wasn’t that of a bright student. Instead of studies, he enjoyed sports, playing piano, dancing, writing poetry & singing in the First Baptist Choir.

As their parents relocated a lot in California due to his father’s work, he had to change a lot of friends, according to Kevin Costner, this was the time of his life when he lost a major portion of his confidence. But that tragedy didn’t stop him from performing on the stage.  When you think about it must be quite difficult to deal with and yet he succeeded in gaining all the confidence back.

After graduating from high school he decided to peruse a degree in Marketing and Finance, which is probably now helping in managing his net worth of $250 million per year.

Getting married Part 1

While during his last year in college, Costner developed an interest in acting and he started going to acting classes. After graduation, he married his first love of life; Cindy Silva.

 At the time when Costner met Silvia, she was working as a Cinderella in the Disney land, but what Costner remembers is that she reminded her of Snow white, Men huh. Moving along Costner had three beautiful children with Silvia who was herself an aspiring actress.

Blessed By Richard Burton

When the newly wedded pair were returning from their Honeymoon they get to meet Richard Burton at the airport.  The growing love for making a career in the film industry made Costner ask Richard that if he will be able to make it in that industry. And you won’t believe what Richard Burton said to him.

Richard Burton said that I have blue eyes and you have them too, I’ll suggest you go for it’’.

Crazy right, well that crazy quotation made Kevin Costner peruses a career in the film industry. So basically it wasn’t fate that brought Kevin to our lives but Richard Burton. 😀

Blooming in the Silver screen

Kevin Costner started his silver screen career by appearing in an Advertisement for Apple Lisa in 1983. But that wasn’t just it that year, he did another commercial for the table for five and a small role in a holocaust film Testament.

Breakout role:

Kevin’s breakout role was in Silverado in 1985 after that he signed contracts with many of the small films such as Field of dreams and Durham.

He officially achieved movie star status after 4 years of struggle when he played the role of Federal agent Eliot Ness in an action movie called The Untouchables.

After that, he worked in almost every genre of movies like romantic, sci-fi, documentaries, and horror.

The golden role of his early career was of retired professional baseball player Denny Davies in The Upside of Anger. This role earned him some of the best reviews from the audiences and definitely added a huge stock to his fan base.

He successfully builds up his career by starting from scratch with no family background in this field. His last and most recent gig was as a voice-over for an animated film the Art of Racing in the Rain. It was the first voice in the role of his career.

Awards and Honors:

It’s not possible is it that an actor likes Kevin with the most stunning acting skills and looks won’t get appreciation, right? So let’s start year wise. In 1992 he won The Golden plate award.

After that in the year 2000, he won the World of little league Museum Hall of Excellence. In the corresponding year had his name star engraved in the Hollywood Walk of fame and man that stuff is huge. And not just that he won six yeah you heard it right, six Golden Raspberry awards.

Peek into his personal life:

Kevin has been married two times and he has had 7 children from his three relationships. Her first wife was obviously her high school sweetheart. That marriage lasted 16 years but then ended up in divorce on pretty good terms.

Then he dated a political activist; Birgit Cunningham for a while. In the year 1996, he dates and lived with a supermodel Elle MacPherson. His second marriage was with a model and handbag designer; Christine Baumgartner.

From Kevin’s recent interviews to various magazines we have found out that Kevin has always been a family guy that loves and gives priority to his children over his dashing career. Even after divorces, he has a pretty strong bond between his children and not just one of them all of them. His children seem to be pretty proud of him too.

As an Author:

Besides acting and directing, Kevin is also an author of a book called A passage to Shambala. This book follows the middle trail between adventure and the graphic genre. It was completed with the help of an illustrator friend Rick Ross and the research was done by Stephen C. Meyer.

Having a Knack of Baseball:

When we look at some actor’s careers, we often find some kind of pattern between the genres they chose for them to act in. In the case of Kevin, it was Baseball. He was shown as a pro-base ballplayer in many of his movies such as Chasing Dreams, Bull Durham, Field of Dreams, For Love of the Game, and last but not least Upside of Anger.

According to Kevin, In the early days of his life during his university, he tried out to get selected for a baseball team but didn’t make it. And now would you just look at that he has been inspiring the real team players with his incredible acting skills.

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